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Spiritual Connection With God - The I Am And The Power Of Healing For Life Transformation

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09/10/2009 01:54 PM
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Spiritual Connection With God - The I Am And The Power Of Healing For Life Transformation
When you're connected with the universal energy, you're in touch with the great healing power of the universe. Everyone experiences this energy differently. You might experience it as a ray that pours down into you, perhaps through the top of your head and down into your entire body and mind. You might know it as light that radiates from you, especially from your heart. It may appear to you in symbolic form, as an ocean or a radiant sun. It may be on a mental level, a thought that a force in the universe is the underlying energy of all that is and that lives within every single cell in your being and everything else as well. You might hear it as a voice of wisdom that speaks words of love and encouragement to you.

The words I AM bring forth the spiritual connection, the healing power of the universe. They symbolize the Great Spirit, the God power, the universal substance, the All That Is, the Divine. By recognizing the I AM qualities of love, wisdom, peace, truth, radiance, and light, you can come to know the magnificent consciousness that is your core. This consciousness is the remedy for all the difficulties of ordinary existence.

What to do When You Feel Negative

There are those times when this radiant Presence seems to elude you. Where has it gone? The basic issue that every person is grappling with is the experience of separation, in which we feel negativities from being out of contact with the One.

You may have noticed that sometimes when everything seems to be going wrong, you nevertheless take the time to sit and be quiet, and you find that place in which you connect once again to the peace and comfort of your soul. That's the reconnection with the great power. It sustains you and brings you back always to love. That's a kind of medicine that lies within your soul that overcomes and supersedes everything. One woman described it by saying that underneath her sadness was a beautiful landscape, full of rolling green hills covered with flowers. That's what she found when she took the time to be quiet with herself and go to the great state of healing and transformation within.

How to Transform Your Negativities

When you put negativities after I AM, as in "I am sick" or "I am a failure," it creates limitation. This is why it is so important to be conscious of the ways you're using language. You can say, "No, that isn't so. I AM the power of transformation, healing, and love." Whenever you use the words I AM, you're opening wide the door of healing, and you're bringing eternal energies into your life. You are the I AM power, and you are filled with enormous capacities for transformation.

The Password Effect

The word OM is a form of "I AM" as well. You can use these passwords for life transformation. You can say, "I AM the power of healing, and I AM healing myself now."

Or, "I AM the Power of Transformation."

Or, "I AM the wisdom, love, and light of the universe."

Using these words is a call to the Universe, to the healing power, to God, asking that the doors be opened to release the awareness of pure and radiant energy into your life.

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