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Who Cares and Why

Alxander Raven
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United States
09/10/2009 04:39 PM
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Who Cares and Why
Health vs Money

When Hilary first mentioned health care out loud during her husbands turn in office was she worried that Chelsea wouldn't get those braces she needed?
Oh, that's right! They're millionaires AND politicians. They get free health care for life.
During George W's turn in office we didn't hear about health care unless it was how how much money was being cut out of it and the fraud his friends perpetrate in the name of health care.
Oh, that's right! He's a millionaire and politician with free health care for life.
What a terrible thing for Mr. Obama if he doesn't get his health care bill passed.
Oh, that's right! He's a millionaire and a politician with FREE health care for life.
How horrible for Joe Wilson if some Mexican kid gets a tetanus shot on the tax payers dime. Oh, that's right! He's . . . you know.
Politicians get free health care for life. They have no interest in any kind of reform until they find out they have a disease that stem cell research might cure.

From 'Free Universal Health Care for Everyone' we now hear debates over how we'll pay insurance companies to continue to provide third-world level disease maintenance for my fellow Merkins.
Our 'reporters' all seem to feel that there is a victory/defeat situation for Obama and the democrats. Life or death. Do or die.
The republicans tell us they are watching out for us on this one and we all know how much those folks value life, and being re-elected.
Any congressmen going to have to skip lunches for a while to pay for their kids meds?

Over 3,300 registered lobbyists on the health care thing Ė they care?
Their paychecks depend on it, damn right they care.
The pharmaceutical companies and equipment makers these lobbyists represent, they care. Millions, billions, trillions of dollars in profit and fraud worth of caring.

The people fired from their jobs that had some health insurance involved, they care.
The people that DO have health insurance that are receiving 30% increases in their premium payments, they care.
The families of the 300,000 patients that die from medical mistakes every year, they care.
The person waiting for a liver transplant cares.
The widow with a few hundred thousand dollars worth of medical bills for treatments that didn't pan out.
The elderly that built this country, had their saving stolen again and again, they care.

There is a long list of people that really do care because they have a financial or health issue, or both, connected to health care.

Politicians are on the list on the 'money issue' side. Many own stock in drug companies and senior care scams. It would be erroneous of me to say that politicians don't really care about 'health care reform'. Many stand to LOSE MONEY.
If a politician has a heart attack they get immediate treatment by the best doctors for free. They don't lose money missing work while they recover. Medication is free. Follow up treatment and therapy is free.
And these people vote themselves two pay raises every year.

If a congressman's wife or mistress couldn't get that rash treated or broken tooth repaired they might ACTUALLY care.
If a congresswoman's children had HIV and couldn't afford the drugs, she might ACTUALLY care.

IF, you stand to make or lose money because of someone else's health problems, you care about THE MONEY, not the persons HEALTH.
Any health care reform that comes out of the President and the Congress WILL NOT AFFECT their health care. It will not increase or decrease what they pay for health care.
How many politicians have medical degrees and are anywhere near qualified to be making these decisions about other peoples lives?

$256 million a year in health care FRAUD. ( Ralph Nader )

Almost a million bucks a piece if we spread that around.

More than 61 percent of medical providers (4,319 total) banned from state Medicaid programs in 2004 and 2005 didnít show up in the federal database of state-banned providers. This makes it easier for banned providers to set up shop in other states and continue doing business with federal health-insurance programs. (Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2008)

Who cares?
The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 758423
United States
09/10/2009 05:11 PM
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Re: Who Cares and Why