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Message Subject Homosexual man sues Bible publisher
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 620335
9/12/2009 2:18 PM
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Re: Homosexual man sues Bible publisher Quote

They are not destroying anything, what you are doing not letting them live is destryoing humanity, since they are human that means, you are destryoing humanity as well.

Excuse me...I have a lesbian sister who just had a designer baby maybe I have a bias recently...or could it be the 50 yrs of watching how it plays out

Gay relationships are like any relationship between the parties-but when it is crammed down everyones throat so they can feel better about their choices and the inner angst they have regarding WHATEVER choices they make-whose problem is it-It is NOT mine. Best not to force it to be one of my problems or my kids as I had contact with a pedophile(lesbian-surprise much rareer than men by far but still happens) woman as a 5 yr old-so whose not destroying what???BTW I was not expressing my sensuality either but she sure was expressing hers...not by my choice...NOT at all. Straight people who do it as well are pedophiles and shall pay mightily

Deviant is deviant-I do not care if you are sniffing calf leather or shoes, homosexual or not-it is of NO CONSEQUENCE to me-so why make it an issue-I am not in your living room promoting my sexuality why do they have a need to advertise-is it to titillate-EPIC fail.


A pedophile is a person that has a lust for children, gay people do not have a lust for children, you do not even know what your talking about, you should not be even using the word pedophile if you do not know what it means.
The funny thing is the priests rape little boys, and your complaing about little miss homosexual that is not having anything to do with you.
I hope the gay woman sits right next to you, and kisses right in front of you.

Reading comprehension is a great start. I do know what I am talking about and so do the pedophiles straight or gay-

I am complaining that a lesbian molested me at 5-not cool regardless of your tripe. I am complaining that deviant is deviant and I am referring across the board-go and research some facts and come back with them then-

Just because someone is a lesbian or a homosexual does not make them innocent-what a joke and you went to public or private?

And just because someone, is a lesbian or a homosexual, doesnt mean they are bad either, you got raped i am sorry about that. But you should only hate the person that did that to you, and the people who allowed it, not a whole race of innocent people.

I know its hard for you to accept them, but you should have had counseling to help you adapt to people.

And you people are saying that you are all innocent, right now. which is laughable because you all are here are making fun of people, doing not so much moral things.

Not that many lesbians or gay people are rapists,
and not that many straight people are gay or rapists,
You should analyze the life of every rapist, and conclude what is similiar what is non, and find the reasoning why they did such a thing,

I do not put everyone in the same bucket and I will even do you one better though I doubt you will 'get it'...I do not hate the people who make bad choices-I hate their actions-but I do not forget even if I forgive. Regardless my brother was also harassed many times in Boston at tennis courts-and in bathrooms and on road side rest areas-It is not just me it is hundreds of people hundreds of stories and so many are fed up-do as you will-YOUR CHOICE but do not expect me to embrace your poor choices-deal with the dysfunction-MRI does not lie-brain damage has been shown in gay males...say it is empowerment I really do not care...harsh, whatever, not my problem...although many have tried to make it so-they ultimately are left with the truth too and they will be the ones who cannot face it-I cannot make it easier for them-READING comprehension is important-it is evident you cannot follow what I have written or are projecting your angst on me...go for it if it helps you figure out what your issue is-mine are resolved for ME-cannot speak for another.

Too many have told me of such sexual harassment-even a man in a group who was sexually harassed by a man-he had to leave work because the other men mocked him because he was so upset by it..he is straight...and even other gays have reported to me the same story-by other gays...once the door to corruption is open, it is open and a host of infamy soon follows-
 Quoting: ShadowDancer

The reason why they are probalbly doing that is because harassment does as harassment provides, meaning if you harass someone, they will harass you even more. It is not a good thought so to speak, but it is apparent in human culture as of late, we need to deal with harassment of others in a way that we can get rid of it, and accept a better change for the future.
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