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Message Subject Homosexual man sues Bible publisher
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its ok to stick your cock into the shit inside another mans diseased bacteria filled bum is it?

Maybe we should sue this fag for beinf so fucking disgusting and for helping to spread disease.

Alkong with all the other feces fucking disease spreading poofs.

They are a danger to public health!!!!

We should sue THEM for the "MENTAL ANGUISH" we have to "suffer" anytime one of them comes near us with their diseased shit covered member not very far from our children.

There is a name for you it is i am thinking of it yeah, its homophobic, you are probalbly a bigot as well, that is what we need in the worlds bigots and homophobia, instead we need people who love everyone, and give everyone positivity.

I suppose you are going to call this poster a bigot id he was to say fucking children was disgusting and wrong too?

Tell me this.

WHAT is so BIGOTED about being disgusted about the thought of mens cocks sliding in and out of other mens SHIT while its STILL in their backside?...and whats worse..they suck eachothers shit and come covered cocks spreading aids and other nasty diseases and stuff.

Do you find this thought uplifting and beautiful do you?

Then you are TRULY sick.

Homosexuals are in it for LUST alone.they LOVE feces and the smell of SHIT..and they love the TASTE of it too.

Sicko fags.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 768990

pretty graphic, you sound like a homo. Is that you dad?
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