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He didn't start the fire/no he didn't light it/but he sure survived it

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09/12/2009 05:10 PM
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He didn't start the fire/no he didn't light it/but he sure survived it
Smoka the cat survives blaze and bulldozers

Sandy LaPierre's pet cat Smoka has truly lived up to her name. Presumed to have perished in a fire, the lucky feline was found alive last week, 26 days after a blaze broke out in LaPierre's apartment building in Franklin, Ohio.

The tenacious kitty even managed to survive two rounds of demolition work before she was discovered. A crew from Stark Wrecking Co. spotted Smoka's head sticking out from under 16 feet of debris on September 4.

Dennie Fitzgerald, the building's owner, told NBC: "With those bulldozers, those big bulldozers rolling over the top of that thing day after day, it should not have made it."

LaPierre says Smoka lost a lot of weight and has some difficulty walking but otherwise seems okay. "I was stunned, shocked," she said. "She is a miracle after staying there almost a month in the rubble."

Hooray for Smoka and Sandy!

Smoka rises from the rubble.<pic>
[link to www.sfgate.com]