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Reptilian Addiction and Manipulation of the Media through Consciousness Distracters

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United States
09/12/2009 11:20 PM
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Reptilian Addiction and Manipulation of the Media through Consciousness Distracters
Reptilian Addiction and Manipulation of the Media through Consciousness Distracters

The infernal beings have become addictive to this 3D reality and its control and are parasites, as leeches, who feed themselves of the human emotional etheric energy, and of chemicals that the human body secretes under intense terror or emotional conflict. Thus the constant instigation and exploitation of chaos, conflict, violence and fear by the news media and the industry of entertainment which are controlled, for the most part, from the lower astrals. Analyze the news, constantly plagued with terrorism, and the movie that does not present wisdom and practical teachings but gunshots, sex, drugs, decadent and perverse trash, war against the evil ones and between Victim and Predator, and the dazzling special effects that only project fantasy and unreality. Violence in fantasy is a cause of the real violence of the young people addictive to this kind of entertainment.

To the previous it is added the constant astral stimulation of the psyche in interpersonal relationships of family, work, and others. In dysfunctional relationships it is regenerated abundant psychic energy as inharmonic thoughtforms fruit of the conflictive and chemical emotions. The chemical emotion I speak of here is referred to the chemicals secreted by the glands during heated discussions full of hatred and feeling of separation; these chemicals are highly noxious and poisonous to the body.

Other energy created by humans, of whom infernals have become addictive too, is the generated by the fanatic passion of sports stimulated by the media as a constant brainwashing and doping of the masses.

Besides generating great income and distracting the mind of the masses from the spiritual quest and the true knowledge and reason for living, or the questioning of politics, economy and the corruption of bad governments and the rest of disinformation given through the media, popular magazines are focused in the distracting trivialities that fill the mind with pseudo-knowledge, such as the information on fashion and the personal and intimate life of celebrities. What’s so important of the diet that made lose 10 pound to the artist X in ten days? Or the best and worst dressed of the year? Or the infidelities of certain actress, actor or singer? Or the sport record of a certain athlete or sport team? Will we remember this trash ten of twenty years later? Will it train us to any job or serve us as example with which we can improve ourselves? No, it only makes us believe that that is all there is to life and that this is the way reality is.

The ideal Orwellian domination scenario is a human race with microchips or miniature integrated silicon circuits implanted in the body and that is controlled by technology. All dissidents are purged from the system. Not all humans have the freedom to walk, some may be Cyborg, static man-machine integrations that reside in dark factories and are subjected to intense terror to generate etheric energy and sufficient hormones and chemical secretions that are automatically extracted from their bodies to supply the elixir to reptilians. A slavery worst to how humans incarcerate and subject in commercial production farms to chickens, pigs, cattle, etc., to supply food in an efficient way. There is no need of indoctrination nor manipulation, a computer connected to their nervous system controls them.

This Cyborg technology has already been tested in cats and monkeys, and in humans on the British Professor Kevin Warwick according with the news of March 22, 2002. A 3mm wide silicon microchip was incorporated in Professor Warwick's left wrist. 100 electrodes attached to this microchip were connected to his median nerve. The wires will be linked to a transmitter/receiver device to relay nerve messages to a computer by radio signal. The sanitized smoke-screen-type propaganda is that it will be used to help people with spinal injuries. If this is what is fed to the public it implies that more outrageous experiments are being conducted behind closed doors that the public is not made aware of. Obviously all technology can be used for good or evil, it all depends on the degree of human spiritual development.

I have the firm conviction that this diabolic scenario will never happen in this planet that is going to ascend dimensionally, however, the beings that have driven forward this dark agenda may reincarnate in dark planets where this paradigm is lived. The energy that is sent out comes back qualified by our intention. That is the Law of Karma.

I make clear here that the reptilian addiction is for lower frequency emotions, not for the elevated, high-octave and sublime emotion as the one offered by unconditional love, true love in a couple, love for humanity or for a beautiful landscape, etc.

To keep humanity as an unconscious cattle or sheep herd manipulated by “experts” in all fields of knowledge and entertainment is the objective of the five-sense fabricated holographic illusion, the so called Reptilian Pact.


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United States
09/13/2009 01:49 AM
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Re: Reptilian Addiction and Manipulation of the Media through Consciousness Distracters
This is great info. I believe the negative entities can somehow 'attach' themselves to certain individuals, say, who vibrate at lower frequencies, maybe from drug addiction, or just negative attitudes. Then they influence their behavior. Or maybe it is for some unknown reason they can attach to certain people, and then as a result the people begin to get negative attitudes due to lower vibrational frequencies...