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I wonder how that 3 days to play thing worked when the Romans conquered a city.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/19/2009 09:53 PM
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I wonder how that 3 days to play thing worked when the Romans conquered a city.
The Romans, along with most classical and later civilizations, had a three day to play rule when they conquered a city that had resisted, and hadn't cut a deal.

Basically the soldiers could do whatever they liked to the people of the city for three days. Then they had to go back to their commanders, divide up the booty, and lead the survivors off to slavery or kill them off in some organized fashion.

This three day rule is pretty classic, it has some sort of military application. Calm the troops down quickly do they're ready for the next march or something.

But I wonder how it worked. Did some soldiers take young boys somewhere secret to rape them to death? Was there like another area for young girls?

Did they like work together? Did one centurion carrying a screaming young boy say to another "Here, I know your into this. Here you go. "

And did his buddy then say, pointing, "Thanks man. I heard they found a girls school full of young teenage virgins over there."

Was it kind of like a carnival? Did the older centurion take the new kid under his arm and say "Marcus Aurileas always sets up a place where he guts babies in front of their screaming mothers. And the women all have the full tits and afterward they don't scratch or struggle at all when you do them. "

Does anyone else think about this?