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Subject Religion is selfish (George Carlin said so!)
Poster Handle ~*Spiral Light*~
Post Content
People pray to their imagined god, there is no god, no one is going to save you. How will you feel when you are dying and no one comes to save you? When jesus returns (don't you see how silly that is) all the corpses of those religious and devoted to god will rise from their graves and walk the earth for 2000 years, before going up into heaven. People pray and ask god for things, isn't that selfish? "God" has lots of work to do, and he/she doesn't have time for everyone's petty prayers...So bothering "God" with all your bullshit is a very selfish act, no?

"Religion easily has the greatest bullshit story ever told." George Carlin

I'm sorry to all you believers, but you are wasting your lives believing in a bullshit story that just isn't true.

Why does every nation on earth worship a different god? Or, is it the same god, with a different face? Why all the differences? Allah, Jesus Christ, and whatever else people believe....it's just a huge snow job!

Religion ruins lives, I've seen it.
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