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New theory about Nibiru and 2012 Comet Bible code

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United States
10/04/2009 09:35 PM
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New theory about Nibiru and 2012 Comet Bible code
Has anyone noticed here that the Egyptian ascended master RA channeled --back in the 1960's in the book: The RA material-- that Nibiru has been exploded?

If this is so, then Nibiru is in fragments and still headed this way. This is dangerous to us as fragments can more easily come under our gravity and hit our planet. This would easily explain why this infamous planet is so widely felt, but never seen today.

Now consider the 2012 Comet Bible Code matrix. The matrix suggests that a 60 mile wide meteor hits Canada, along with smaller hits, and causes utter destruction. "Tearing it to pieces" and causing a "tilt".

The old theory, then, is that Nibiru returns and tilts us by it's massive gravity. The new theory is that large fragments of an exploded Nibiru hit us and that causes tilting of our planet's axis. (not to be confused with the pole shifts that also cause tilting)

The Annanuki supposedly came from Nibiru and did our planet and DNA serious harm. The Annanuki supposedly needed gold to save their planet from destruction. Perhaps their Earth robbing didn't work, and because they were cruel to boot, God wrecked their planet. So be it, but the Annanuki supposedly left people behind on Earth who became the Nephilim, Bluebloods of Europe, and the Illuminati Satanists who still subvert governments and start wars for money, see: David dIcke, John Todd, Genesis, and so many others lately.

How fittingly it would be, if a wild piece of their own evil planet came flying through space, thousands of years later, to put them out of business here on Earth. too. Can't you just see God doing something like this? It's so poetic, like there's just no escaping God's law and wrath, if you know what I mean.

So, I warn everyone and request this be researched, and keep a look out for meteoric tangents from the Nibiru orbit. And perhaps even prepare for a couple years of ash-out. Some Bible codes have come true already, so you can't be too safe. Peace.