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Nephilim, Global-Warming, Mainstream-Media & Pundits, Disclosure-Movement, Truth-Movement, UFOz, Spiritual-Truth

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10/05/2009 12:04 PM
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Nephilim, Global-Warming, Mainstream-Media & Pundits, Disclosure-Movement, Truth-Movement, UFOz, Spiritual-Truth
Watch the history channel tonight to see the world premiere of "i know what i saw" so you can see the friendly ETs are here and disregard the OPs negative fear mongering and push for disclosure and positive change
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 786267

Now, for a while I was finding this whole Disclosure-Movement to be really very intriguing, but I have learned something from everything that I have to to gain in knowledge. We cannot just be blindly trusting thingz that former military members, intelligence members, government members, or media members are saying, I mean many of those kindz of people have been the very kindz to have lied to the American public and to the World, and have been playing political games with us for like forever. Many of their reportz might be true that they saw UFOz and that even radar confirmed that they were really truly there, but how do we know that those UFOz weren't made by our governments, I mean our behind-the-scenes technology is always like decades ahead of what the public ever sees. They could have been using computers in secret places since the 1940z or 1950z for all we know.

The whole alien thing is intriguing, and for a while I was believing that aliens would be existing all throughout the Universe, and it'z still possible, but I do believe in God and in Jesus Christ, and I know that many of you don't, but my faith is becoming very important to me. For those of you whom do believe in God and in Christ, we know that God let it be known that His works were to be focused upon the Earth, at least for initially, because past the 1,100 years following the return of Jesus Christ, the works will most likely be expanding as we will be moving away from the Earth, once the purpose for this planet Earth has been fullfilled. There are Scriptures in the book of Genesis in the Bible that speak of the Nephilim as giant beings, but we have to be looking at the original meaningz of the text from the original languages, and not strictly utilizing the Bibles that exist in English. Perhaps the Nephilim were indeed human-beingz that were just extraordinarily tall, because human-beingz back then were allowed to live much longer lives than human-beingz live today in modern-times, and we all know that Goliath was kown as a Giant, but he was a still just only human-being.

"Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. Then the LORD said, "My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years." The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown." --Genesis 6:1-4

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

This could just mean the fallen-angels trying to possess or influence the minds of these daughters, and so thus they were giving birth to evil spirits within those human-beingz. The Sons Of God does not necessarily mean the fallen-angels, as it might really mean the sons of nobles, or it could also mean the formerly righteous descendants of Seth who ended-up rebelling, while the daughters of men were the unrighteous descendants of Cain, and the Nephilim were the offspring of their union.

The key is to look at the original meaning in the original languages of the texts of the Bible, as all of the meaningz are contained in there, and not in all of these translations into the English language. But the point is that we cannot be absolutely for sure that the Nephilim were a hyrbid off-spring of angels or aliens inter-breeding with human-beingz. I don't think that God would allow this, as angels being spiritual-beingz wouldn't be able to physically interact with human-beingz being physical-beingz.

This whole Disclosure-Movement could very well be the Illuminati'z method of slowly-but-surely rolling-out false-truths that they WANT us to believe. I mean why else would TPTB be using Hollywood to put-out all of this acclimation and conditioning of aliens and UFOz if hey didn't want the public knowing about it or coming together and leaking this most precious secret that has kept them in power for so very long ? Now, I do believe that UFOz exist, but they are only Un-Identified Flying Objectz to the general-public, but the governments are known to have many secret projectz that have the technology of decades ahead of what the public knowz about. The claimed UFO-sightingz and radar-confirmationz could be real craft but of that which the government is really responsible for, whether or not some of those officials in this Discoluse-Movement know it or not, because I'm sure some of them know the real truth, whatever that might be. I think that this is a ploy by Satan and his minions of demons influencing the mindz of mankind to THINK that aliens do exist and have visited this planet Earth, because then guess what, they can then shift the blame for most of the world'z problems from themselves (Satan and his demons and even the personz whose mindz they have been influencing) and onto a separate alien-race that would have nothing to do with anybody. I'm truly beginning to believe that this is what this push to believe in aliens is all about.

alien worlds

scientific evidence shows that life may exist on two planets that orbita a red dwarf star.

National geographic channel at : 19:00 EST
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 750907

This might or might not be true, but once again if we unequivocally believe this to be true, then we are once again letting the scientists dictate what we should be believing or not believing. I mean Global-Warming is most definitely a hoax perpetrated by TPTB (although there are many bad pollution problems that affect the health of human-beingz and even other life-formz and organisms, but which do not affect the Earth in such a profound manner as to alter the climate and dramatically change the Earth, although I used to believe this before I realized and understood that the United States and the whole World has been lied to regarding almost everything that we thought was to be true). Various organizations and even NASA has been caught falsifying data from reporting-stationz. Also, they say that aerosols have been responsible for large holes in the Ozone-Layer above the Earth, but that would mean that those holes should be above major cityz, but the only holes ever found have been at both of the poles of the Earth, and the hole opens and closes just as it'z supposed to be doing. However, they are attempting to create global-warming so that it would then become true by injecting heavy amounts of particles into the air through "chemtrailing", which contain lead, barium, arsenic, aluminum, and many other toxifying elementz. So this whole Global-Warming thing is very much inter-laced with so many lies and deceptionz, and so we should't just blindly believe everything that we see or hear, even if it'z coming from scientists, because the majority of the influential scientists have been shown to be eugenicists, or at least agreed to lie and deceive the public by being paid-off monetarily.

God could have allowed some formz of life to exist on other planets that wouldn't necessarily evolve into intelligent species just yet, especially if we end up migrating to other places in the Universe after the Earth has fullfilled it'z purpose that God had for it. We need to expand our thinking past above and beyond the mantra that "everything we ever see or hear is lies and deception, and everything that the people not in power say is true and we can believe it no matter what.

It'z kinda like the general Truth-Movement, which I do believe is real and true in terms of most of what the Truth-Movement has exposed in terms of the corruption and deception and down-right lies in and throughout the World. However, I'm beginning to believe that this Truth-Movement is desired by TPTB because that a kind of a controlled-revolution, whereby the general-public learns enough to be angry and outraged about those issues, but not enough to go out to their communityz and try fighting it since they already see so many famous and prominent people doing the work for them. If there was no agent provocateur (whether or not he is part of the agenda or not), no Bill Cooper, no Charlie Sheen, no Coast To Coast, no nothing, then TPTB would be so much more in trouble right now because so many more people would be rising-up and doing the work themselves instead of letting all of these influential people do the work for them and then all that the people do is do the research but don't do the fighting.

TPTB know that there would be a revolution anyhow once the major formz of control basically un-masks TPTB to show their true form an that even many of the Obama-supporters will start realizing what has been being done. So thus, they want a controlled-revolution so that the guaranteed-no-matter-what revolution can at least be much more controlled than if they didn't have these Truth-punditz out there. Also, just much like the pundits from within the mainstream-media outlets, the pundits from within the Truth-Movement are not all part of the agenda. People like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Wolf Blitzer, and yes, even many of the people on Fox News Channell, are not part of the agenda, or they don't realize that they are because many of them are so very much still locked-into this Democrat-Republican Left-Right paradigm that the TPTB have been crafting very masterfully for many decades now. Some of those pundits I'm sure ARE indeed part of the agenda and know fully well what they are doing, but however, so many of them are just like all of us used to be when we were still asleep to the real and true affairz of this World. The pundits are probably even more deeply locked-into their own political corners because they commentate on politics as their living, and also they just read what the teleprompters are telling them to be saying, although they do sometimes inject their own thoughtz into certain matters, but they mostly always at least relay what the teleprompter is saying, otherwise they might lose their job and which would be horrible in this kind of economy.

So we really shouldn't be judging those pundits because some of them do know what is going on but they don't wanna be losing their jobz and the ones that dont know what is going on are doing what they do because they believe that the either the Democrats or the Republicans are looking-out for the best interests of Americans, they really truly believe that, so they don't know about all of the bad stuff that is going on, and they do what so much of the general-public does, which is to shy-away and sometimes even shun or denounce the conspiracy-theoristz as being a bunch of insanely whacky, cooky, crazy, maniacal loonytics because of how TPTB and the rest of the mainstream-media makes them out to be.

Some of the conspiracy-theorists I'm sure are crazy because they have let all of this conspiracy stuff get so deeply embedded into their brains that they go to crazy limits when it comes to gteting people to believe thingz. Some people do indeed try to paint everything as a conspiracy even when there isn't solid proof of such a conspiracy, such as this whole entire World being controlled by a bunch of hidden human-looking Reptillians that have inter-bred with the human-species. I slightly believed for a brief moment in time that this could possibly be true, but I know that this would be such a long-short in the dark, and I do believe in God and in Jesus Christ (even though many of you don't and might not ever will) and I don't believe that God would have allowed this because it would have worked against His purpose and plan for mankind and for the angels.

Essentially though, we must come to anything and everything with an opened-mind, and don't be hasty to just discount something instantaneously, but at the same time don't just blindly believe something just because the Truth-Movement says that it'z true. Do your very own research to verify what is said and then come to your own conclusions regarding those matters. We need to be working together as people that are striving to discover the truth about this World, about this Earth, and about this greatly vast Universe, and also discover the spiritual-truth, because that has also become so very twisted and perverted in terms of what is the truth, and I don't like to claim that I have the truth that nobody else have, but we should be willing to be sharing ideas to compliment what we already know, and increase our knowledge of all thingz.

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03/31/2014 10:23 PM
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Re: Nephilim, Global-Warming, Mainstream-Media & Pundits, Disclosure-Movement, Truth-Movement, UFOz, Spiritual-Truth
I have read and agree on some of the things you've said except the part where God did not allow inter breeding species to immerge. This is where you are wrong. He allowed to create women even though he knew Eve would have sin , that sin itself was allowed in the world. Which created good vs evil. Also, that Lucifer himself allowed himself to be in possession of eve and had sex with Adam creating the bloodline of the Illuminati. Which is why every evil is born under a evil seed. And every good is born under good seed.

This is a valid opinion. It just makes sense the creation of hereditary behaviors and choosing to do good or bad thoughts. All the psycholigical disorders are bogus and are truly demonic possessions taking place. They is always have been spiritual warefare and always will be. I really don't care about the military going overseas. They are brainwashed and choosing death over some things that will never come to par. America constitution is a joke and every other constitutions are made up to control us....