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Message Subject Hi-res PDF files of the latest Flu vaccine inserts. Warnings etc.
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Reading your post and the surprise in the tone SHR...yes, PLEASE READ THEM and then remember it is much like Dr Willies Slick cure...or Shrubberies Tonic jizz juice...

Same thing as the traveling charlatans 100s of yrs back...

Sometimes medicines are helpful-and even some shots may eventually be effective...but overall we have more abilities to heal naturally or with minimal MONKEYING around...

Seriously, the more men meddle-thinking themselves clever...the more they harm themselves many times...

progress is good but their concoction is the same as taking some diseased viral cells and avian cells(fetal!!!) and some PIG(fetal also and contaminated virus) and throw them in a slurry of human sludge...and inject it...might as well take alligator dung and cow chips with some bodily fluids from whomever and inject...about as bright as their planned 'vaccine'


They can take their PATENTED MYCOPLASMA's(patented PATHOGENS for germ warfare are throughout many vaccines...on my eugenics thread I have quite a bit on this...imho) and go off the cliff of despair-lemmings can join them...not my tribe.
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