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NOT an ordinary flu!

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User ID: 599165
United Kingdom
10/09/2009 06:46 AM
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NOT an ordinary flu!
Australia and NZ have just had their flu season and have collated some interesting data on Swine Flu cases admitted into Intensive Care.

722 people with Swine flu needed ICU treatment as opposed to 30-40 in a normal flu season. This represented 20% of all ICU beds.

Pregnant women, the obese and asthma sufferers were the 3 groups massively over-represented.

Pregnant women represent 1% of population bot 9% of ICU flu admissions.

Asthma/pulmonary problems = 13% pop. but 32.7% admissions.

Obese = 5.3% pop. but 28.6% of admissions.

This leaves 30% of admissions that were random.

20 x the amount of ICU admissions from Swine Flu v normal flu.

Bearing in mind that this was first wave and that they used containment measures, we could be in for a very rough ride.

There are also reports of people contracting the flu twice which suggests that it has mutated and would through doubts over the usefulness of the vaccine even were it safe.
Nightshade  (OP)

User ID: 599165
United Kingdom
10/09/2009 06:47 AM
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Re: NOT an ordinary flu!
Sorry! forgot that all-important link.

[link to uk.news.yahoo.com]