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Top researcher who worked on cervical cancer vaccine warns about its dangers

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User ID: 623339
United Kingdom
10/11/2009 02:38 AM
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Top researcher who worked on cervical cancer vaccine warns about its dangers
strange cant seem to find this story anywhere on the Express site

[link to www.naturalnews.com]

(NaturalNews) One of the key researchers involved in the clinical trials for both Gardasil and Cevarix cervical cancer vaccines has gone public with warnings about their safety and effectiveness. This highly unusual warning against these vaccines by one of Big Pharma's own researchers surfaced in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express in the UK over the last few days. There, Dr. Diane Harper openly admitted the vaccine doesn't even prevent cervical cancer, stating, "[The vaccine] will not decrease cervical cancer rates at all."

This is astonishing news. The whole push behind the cervical cancer vaccines is based on the belief that they prevent cervical cancer. That belief, it turns out, is a myth.

Dr. Harper also warned that the cervical cancer vaccine was being "over-marketed" and that parents should be warned about the possible risk of severe side effects from the vaccine. She even concluded that the vaccine itself is more dangerous than the cervical cancer it claims to prevent!

Hysteria over genital warts?

In a New York Times article published last year, Dr. Harper spoke about the fear-based marketing of Gardasil by Merck:

"'Merck lobbied every opinion leader, women's group, medical society, politicians, and went directly to the people -- it created a sense of panic that says you have to have this vaccine now..."

This behavior by drug companies -- using fear tactics to promote a particular disease in order to sell the "treatment" -- is called disease mongering. Most of the pharmaceutical profits generated today are based on precisely this tactic: Spread the fear, then sell the treatment. Read more about disease mongering here: [link to www.naturalnews.com]

You can also toy around with the NaturalNews disease mongering engine, where you can invent your own diseases at the click of a button: [link to www.naturalnews.com]

Why is disease mongering so important to the profits of the drug companies? They figured out many years ago that selling drugs only to those people who are sick was a very limited income opportunity. To rake in the real profits, they needed to devise a way to sell drugs to healthy people (i.e. people who don't need them). That's what cervical cancer vaccines really are: A scheme to sell vaccines to people who aren't suffering from any disease at all.

That one of the industry's own researchers is willing to speak out against this is not just highly unusual; it's also highly courageous. It makes you wonder: Who, exactly, is this Dr. Harper?

Dr. Diane Harper

Dr. Harper is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She studied additional courses at Stanford and received her medical degree from the University of Kansas. She was a key researcher in both Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines, and she's one of the most experienced researchers in the world on HPV-related diseases. She's done work for both Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.

Dr. Harper's warnings about cervical cancer vaccines are especially relevant considering her expertise in the cost/benefit analysis of vaccines. Her conclusion is that cervical cancer vaccines aren't worth the risks, nor are they worth all the effort being put into hyping them to the public. "This may not be the best use of our resources at this time," she said in a Washington Post article.

So why do cervical cancer vaccines continue to be pushed by doctors and health authorities across the US, UK and other first-world nations? Because Big Pharma is the great corporate puppeteer that's pulling the strings of legislators. With enough money and lobbyists, you can always overcome scientific thinking with fear-based marketing and under-the-table deal-making. Science-based medicine has no place in a world where disease is big business.
You are the CEO of your own wellness. You need to take back your health from the disease-care system
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 787334
United States
10/11/2009 02:39 AM
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Re: Top researcher who worked on cervical cancer vaccine warns about its dangers
My prediction:
She will commit suicide in 3 days
User ID: 791135
United States
10/11/2009 03:23 AM
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Re: Top researcher who worked on cervical cancer vaccine warns about its dangers
teens change partners often so med bills will prolly go up for that group anyway .. that vacine is just for one ilness of protection.. teens have other young adults under 25 yr olds have multiple stds now from sleeping around so much.. Doctors say throut and mouth cancers in men are traced back to std infected partners threw oral sex. Health officials have warbed for decades to avoid the transfers of all body fluids .in order to stay well. but of course the public igore it anyway ..and get sick real sick sooner later Kissing can transfer even Hepatitus Meningitis ..Strep throats leading to Mimingitus .transfer of fluids leads to expensice to cure illnesse ....Mouth deseases .gum deseases throat cancer etc