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Jim Humble Speaks to Mr Nash regarding his wife's death

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United States
10/13/2009 12:10 PM
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Jim Humble Speaks to Mr Nash regarding his wife's death
[link to www.healthsalon.org]

Jim Humble Says:

October 13th, 2009 at 10:10 am e

I have been extremely concerned with Mr. Nash’s terrible ordeal. The death of one’s wife is always probably the worst experience that one will ever undergo this lifetime. I understand his feelings. And I hope we all find what the problem actually was. I am extremely sorry for any part that I may have played in her death since she might have looked at the vomiting in a different light had she not read my observations about vomiting. I can only say that I am extremely sorry for this situation. But let me also say something about the opposite side. Right this moment October 13, 2009 I am working in a clinic in Africa where we have successfully treated over 125 cases of HIV and AIDS and included in the group were people who had life threatening cancers that are gone, and other conditions that ruin one’s life that no longer exist. Throughout the world it has been estimated that over 100 thousand lives have been saved, and many more than that have been given back their life from conditions that prevented them from living their life otherwise. MMS has the possibility of saving untold millions of lives throughout the world in the near future.

While I feel extremely sad to hear about this death, as all deaths before their time are terrible, I do not feel the Mr. Nash is being fair to the people of the world, or to the millions of those who are now suffering who may read his words and decide to not use MMS, or to the governmental reactions that might prevent thousands from being able to find MMS. His immediate response is understandable for a person in his situation, however when millions of people are involved we expect a person in his situation to rise above his own personal feelings and wait for facts and to evaluate the situation against the good it might bring to man. I also ask ever one to realize the medical drugs cause the death of 970 thousand people in the USA alone each year. And no one seems to care, but one single death with natural remedies will bring on millions of dollars of investigations and will stop the use of the natural remedy involved completely in many parts of the world. This has happened to numerous natural remedies throughout the world. Because the drug companies have billions, they will spend millions to stamp out any competition no matter how insignificant, and this is their chance to damage MMS and it is doubtful that they will miss it. (MMS1 and 2 are both chemicals that the immune system makes naturally. There is no remedy that is more natural than MMS).

So I am asking those personally involved to rise above their own feelings and do what is best for the people of the world. I want all the facts to come out exactly, but please help by not allowing false data to be used as false data often gets included in situations of this nature.

Jim Humble

User ID: 792277
10/13/2009 12:17 PM
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Re: Jim Humble Speaks to Mr Nash regarding his wife's death
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