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misuse of the word "occult"

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10/13/2009 02:37 PM
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misuse of the word "occult"
I agree (actually I can plainly see) that all these "outrageous conspiracy therories" are in fact truth proven and documented many many times. So I'll save some time and get to my point for this specific post.

The common understanding and use of the word "occult" among the majority has led to many friends fighting among themselves. It is very hard to express the sadness this brings me. The application is what makes it good or evil, just as we see with technology. Please consider this.

I am VERY anti-elite, and I strongly oppose all things NWO. I'm not a Luciferian or any of that order-from-chaos doctrine that is unfairly associated with the word occult. I am a searcher of truth and understanding and do not want ANYONE to suffer from malnutrition, starvation, war, phychosis, etc etc NWO or the like. Anyone... whether I know them or do not, will or will not meet them, or if they are related or not.

Occultism originally meant the science of things hid. The word still, truly, means this today. ANYONE who studied physical nature and the densities & behaviors down to and including the physical world, called their studies "occult".

The word "occult" or "occultism" is the science of life, universal nature, both hidden and open. Many religions(infiltrated & altered at some point) have many people beleiving "occult" is evil so that the masses stay away from learning, sharing and applying the philosophical, scientific and religious truths that have been robbed from us.

Alex, I appreciate and agree with your work and I simply ask that you return the favor by doing the research yourself. It is there for those who look. The true understanding and application of occult sciences will be partly responsible for saving you, and in a broader sense mankind, in the years to come.

Thank you. I do not argue that many people have used these truths for their own evil advantages. But some of your human family use this neutral knowledge for good and to combat these criminals by means of, in part, understanding ourselves.

Thank you for the opportunity to post here.

Your friend,
Eric B