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Message Subject Rapture is 11/11/09 - Prepare
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
On the dollar bill, the great seal of the United States of America displays 12 courses of masonry from the 1776 pyramid foundation. The geometry of 33 degrees reveals how each course of masonry represents 19.47 years.

12 x 19.47 = 233.64 years

If you use May 1st, 1776 as the start date of the countdown; you begin to see temporal destiny unfold before your eyes…
In 1776, there were 31 days in January, 29 days in February, 31 days in March and 30 days in April.
The sum of days for these months is 121, making May 1st the 122nd day of 1776.

5/1/1776 = day 122

122 / 365 = 0.33 = 33% of 1776

May 1st, 1776 was chosen for more than one reason as a founding date.
So now we may calculate the exact end date for the capstone to crown the pyramid…


1776.33 + 233.64 = 2009.97

0.97 X 365 = 354.05 day of 2009

[link to witnesswatch.wordpress.com]
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