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Message Subject Meteorite impacts Latvia, large crater
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sometimes I wonder why I live in Latvia. Its officially fake, and it is one.
Its a big shame to me, and others.
One of Latvia's mobile phone operators Tele 2 made this, i dont know for popularity or just because they had brain like baby....
 Quoting: swizz 803601

I don't complain about living in Latvia, there are much worse places to be. In Latvia - as usual - Nothing Special :D

I still want to see some credible video/photo documentation from Tele2 about HOW they did it.

Seeing, how fast the event had gone viral, and knowing that taking responsibility would cost maybe to $20k, it can quite possibly be that Tele2 were just the first ones who came up with the idea to take the responsibility.

The whole thing is still very fishy.
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