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Message Subject How to Heal the World: transformation emerges from within chaos
Poster Handle neti
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Sicksixix (3/24, 1:46 pm),

What you are talking about here, Sicksixix, is the bad, the painful, or the distressing, to human nature. And you ask (or the writing asks): Why do we seek to change those, or that, which we love? Why do we judge, in subjective terms, the world, out there?

And I believe the answer lies in our ability to communicate with those we love, with God, and with the world in which we live. When we communicate effectively then the world seems less distressing and we are able to interact with it, them, or Him, and when we donīt, then stress or distress (our inability to communicate) builds, and we judge.

In communication there is an energy which conveys a loving power. And so, I guess, in our lives, we are always looking for that - to give and to receive Love (pure impersonal love*). And that is the measure of our individual and collective well being(s).

[* Note. Impersonal Love is that which is untainted by the hooks of desire, or wanting something. It is a love which is freely given and received. It is not impersonal in the sense of being personally cold, rather it is very warm, indeed,,, and sincere. Joyous might be a term to express "pure impersonal love".]

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