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Questions about Ley Lines


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New Zealand
12/16/2009 10:14 AM
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Re: Questions about Ley Lines
another chap you may want to check out is bruce cathie, a retired airline pilot from new zealand who for many years has investigated the grid system. he has arrived at the basic conclusion that it has a relationship with harmonics of light. with the aid of his unique brand of mathematics, he has even drawn conclusions to the effect that certain events at various locations on the global grid can be predicted ahead of time, a theory he proved by forecasting nuclear tests undertaken by the french government in mururoa atoll during the 1960's. these events take place when certain conditions are satisfied such as astronomical configurations, location of the sun, and other factors. further to this, some such as richard hoagland have speculated that the public at large are hoodwinked into believing these tests are being performed with the intent of perfecting atomic weaponry, when in reality they're secretly experimenting with and exploring the hyperdimensional aspects of the energy grid.

bruce cathie also has software designed for the purpose of mapping the grid, costing around $200-300 last time i checked: [link to www.worldgrid.net]

there is also an inferior but free program available which i use called phigrid which you may want to source on google along with bruce cathie.

happy hunting :)
"He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him." - Daniel 2:22

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United States
12/16/2009 04:37 PM
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Re: Questions about Ley Lines
What about ley lines in the United States? I've seen maps of a few specific areas, but not much overall.
 Quoting: Anonymous 750018

Here's a free e-book, "Ley Lines and Vortices of the American West":
[link to rapidshare.com]

[link to www.stargatezero.com]
"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion, or to a non-existent authority, on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the future." ~ Wilhelm Reich

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United States
12/16/2009 04:38 PM
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Re: Questions about Ley Lines
another chap you may want to check out is bruce cathie, a retired airline pilot from new zealand who for many years has investigated the grid system. he has arrived at the basic conclusion that it has a relationship with harmonics of light. with the aid of his unique brand of mathematics, he has even drawn conclusions to the effect that certain events at various locations on the global grid can be predicted ahead of time, a theory he proved by forecasting nuclear tests undertaken by the french government in mururoa atoll during the 1960's. these events take place when certain conditions are satisfied such as astronomical configurations, location of the sun, and other factors. further to this, some such as richard hoagland have speculated that the public at large are hoodwinked into believing these tests are being performed with the intent of perfecting atomic weaponry, when in reality they're secretly experimenting with and exploring the hyperdimensional aspects of the energy grid.

bruce cathie also has software designed for the purpose of mapping the grid, costing around $200-300 last time i checked: [link to www.worldgrid.net]

there is also an inferior but free program available which i use called phigrid which you may want to source on google along with bruce cathie.

happy hunting :)
 Quoting: setharim

Cathie is worth reading.
"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion, or to a non-existent authority, on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the future." ~ Wilhelm Reich

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United States
12/16/2009 04:45 PM
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Re: Questions about Ley Lines
Something else I've pondered; if magnetic poles move over the course of time, it's possible maybe ley lines shift also?

Just curious for my own ponderings :)

Why would ley lines have to be in connection with the magnetic poles?

I wasn't really saying they have to be my friend, just guessing really, with the limited knowledge I have.

I've formed the view [possibly wrongly], that ley lines are conduits of electromagnetic [and possibly other types of] energies; just as I'm *quite sure that "genuine" crop circles [assuming genuine crop circles exist] are representations of spiral energy.

Do you have your own theory on this, FC? :)
 Quoting: Celtic (Pictavian)

I came to the same conclusion.
[link to unveiling.18.forumer.com]
By Lorae Ireland

Free download at [link to rapidshare.com]



Vortices appear to be points of power, or energy on the Earth, and ley lines are the relationships between those points. An analogy might be that the vortices are acupressure points, and the ley lines between them are meridians on the skin of the body of Mother Earth.

However, reality is likely not so simple. My theory is that there is a template for this physical reality in a world existing concomitant with this one, and that that template is geometric, or mathematical in organization. Matter is here, then not here, moving back and forth between implicate and explicate reality, as described in the theories of David Bohm, a contemporary and colleague of Einstein. This template for matter as we experience it in this explicate reality (the physical world) is in implicate reality, as also described in the "morphogenetic fields" of Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist at Cambridge in the 1960's. Joel Goldsmith, a metaphysical healer, often alludes to the same kind of system in his books; Jane Roberts mentions it in the Seth books; and Swedenborg wrote of the correspondence between this world and that of the spiritual in Heaven and Hell, paragraph 90.

If this is what is, then it's possible that the template for our Earth in that unseen reality is crystalline in organization. Furthermore, that crystalline matrix seems to be similar to a geodesic dome--a series of triangular shapes fit together to form the skin of a sphere. The joining on the surface of the Earth at the apexes of these triangles are points of energy focus, the vortices of the Earth. Some of the principal lines of force joining these vortices, called "ley lines," form triangular shapes between vortices.

At these foci of energy, where the triangles join together at their apexes, the matter of the Earth, as it forms in explicate reality (our world as we sense it), reveals the presence of these foci, or vortices, by formations of geologic significance: volcanoes, high mountains, hot springs, mineral deposits, ends of sand spits near the ocean, sea mounts, forks of rivers and river mouths, large falls, deep gorges, rock outcroppings, and possibly others. Some dams are located on vortices, and often mineral deposits, especially gold, denote a vortex. There is a swirl of vortices around and near the Golden Gate Bridge, and these might be the coming together of several faults--many ley lines follow the great faults and waterways on the surface of our earth.

This system of vortices and ley lines is not a new idea. Sacred temples of the ancient world around the Mediterranean are located at powerful vortices, and drawing lines between them will bring out patterns of triangles. The Indians in the American Southwest as well as those in Peru and other parts of South America located their cities and the roads between them on vortices and ley lines, which look like so many spokes and hubs. The Chinese practice the ancient science of geomancy. "The Olde Straite Pathes" of England, the location of Stonehenge and its relationship to the Great Pyramid, Glastonbury and the myth of Avalon correlate to vortices. I'm sure there are many more examples throughout the world.

[notes: A wonderful book on nuclear physics for the layman is "The Looking Glass Universe" by John Briggs and David F. Peat (New York N.Y: Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1984). Find Bohm on pages 130,131 and Sheldrake on pages 211-235.
For an excellent exposition on vortices and ley lines, read "View Over Atlantis" by John Mitchell (New York: Ballantine, 1973).]

Edgar Cayce spoke of gigantic earthquakes in Southern California after Mount Etna in Italy and Mount Pelee on the Island of Martinique exploded. Perhaps they're all on the same ley line. I believe that these major lines "crack" the Earth in a regular mathematical pattern, a function of pi. A geological graduate student in Montana proposed such a theory in the late sixties. I suspect that earthquakes that occur close to each other in time often represent earth movement along the same ley line. Many times I have found this to be so. For instance, Sheep Peak, near Las Vegas, and Winnemucca is connected to Mt. Rainier and the Point occupied by Port Townsend in the Puget Sound. Earthquakes have happened on the same day along this ley line.

The Chinese have practiced geomancy for thousands of years, and the cathedrals of Europe are located on powerful vortices. I suspect that many of the old Spanish missions are located on sacred ground here in our American West.

To me, some of the cities on the West Coast seem to be located in really the wrong spots: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles are situated in areas of confused jumbles of ley lines crossing every which way. Living might be more pleasant and secure if we would take the time to find a harmonious spot for the location of buildings and towns.

Furthermore, I believe that the discomfort of "jet lag" felt after a long trip is our bodies complaining about crossing so many electromagnetic lines. This strips off our outer bodies--astral, etheric, and mental--which are susceptible to electronic forces. I usually feel terrible after driving the I-5 freeway from Southern Oregon to Southern California because it crosses, rather than follows some powerful lines between major vortices. After such a trip, it takes me a day to get myself "back together" again. If our highways, railroad tracks and airways were laid out following ley lines rather than crossing them, we would move harmoniously with the earth, and our bodies would not suffer as they do now.

From an imaginary viewpoint out in space, large vortices appear to be the hubs of wheels, and the spokes emanating from them are ley lines. Some of these "spokes" are more powerful than others, just as there seems to be different degrees of strength to the vortices. These spokes are like gears, in that the spokes are fixed, but energy whirls about, to and from the vortices, moving from spoke to spoke in spiral whirls of different and changing frequencies. Until we devise instruments to monitor and measure these lines of force, this idea will be only conjecture.

As viewed from space, some of these ley lines will cross each other, three or more of them, at exactly the same spot. These points of crossings are often in uninhabited places, wastelands or mountain areas so avoided that there is often no mountain or place name nearby to name them. These points of crossings I call Derived Vortices. Some of these Derived vortices are obviously quite powerful, because I found them by noticing the intersection of principal ley lines (lines from known important vortices).

These derived vortices and their relationships, or ley lines, between each other also meet three or more at exact points, forming further derivations. Often, near derived vortices, the aeronautical charts note areas of magnetic disturbance.
Except for the lines that end at Santa Barbara, the Oregon Vortex and the trench off the coast of Southern Oregon, almost all of these principal lines continue on to other countries and continents.

I've limited myself to the American West because that is the area that I'm familiar with. In years past, I have flown in a light plane over, driven by, and hiked to or camped on or near many of these sacred places. Furthermore, I realize that I have discovered only a few of the main features of a vastly complex system.

This presentation is an overview of the main vortexes in the American West, and most of them listed here relate to each other. There are other separate systems, existing within but not related to these systems, an example being the system of Mt. McLoughlin, Mt. Thielsen and the Table Rocks of Southern Oregon. The whole Coast Range seems to be a separate system, and the Olympic Peninsula appears to be a world unto itself and a rotated one at that--I feel disoriented and dizzy there. Mount Olympus, however, is tied to the volcanoes on the mainland, and many important ley lines end at points on this Peninsula such as Tatoosh Island and the Elwah valley.
Also, each region has its own local vortices, particular to that area and often quite powerful in that context. The Stars in the Marble Mountains and the complex of vortices around Sedona are of that classification.

I make no claims as to whether or not it is beneficial to visit all of these locations. Many are very good, but others are unpleasant, and some may be downright dangerous. I suspect that the latter are the Derived Vortices out in the middle of nowhere, and they've probably been avoided by humans for good reason.

However, if you want to connect with the spirit world, the very effort of physically hiking alone to a good sacred area will begin this process. Plan to take a three-day fast while drinking the water from springs at these places. Sleeping alone under the stars in the wilderness will help you align to divine perfection, and days of prayer and meditation will open your mind to your Spirit Teachers, who have always been with you.

If you want to map your local area, first tape topographical charts together. Next, mark with a colored dot all conical mountains (possible vortexes). Then mark with a different color known vortexes. Also mark the summits of all prominent mountains. Other possibilities are dam sites, river mouths and gorges, ends of sand spits, waterfalls and known mineral deposits. Using a yardstick, start drawing lines, lots of lines. Go into a relaxed state, and draw a line wherever three or more dots are aligned in a row, or the dots of two known vortexes. (To check on the validity of the latter, transpose that line onto an aeronautical sectional chart to see if it continues to other known vortexes outside the scope of the topographical map.)

Most ley lines go through, or to, many obvious vortexes. You'll know you're getting it right when you start finding derived vortexes where three or more of your lines cross at exactly the same spot. Further confirmation will come when you discover that those derived vortexes are the sites of gold deposits. You will also find many ancient ceremonial sites, often at the same places. Look for configurations such as spirals, circles, stars, parallelogram grids and, of course, triangles. If you see something unusual, ask, and Spirit Teachers will explain it to you.

[note: An excellent description of sacred grounds is "Sacred Places", by James A. Swan (Bear & Co., Santa Fe, NM, 1990).]


Whirling about these vortices, my inner eye sees beautiful colors, as if from a prism. There is also sound, for music is color in implicate reality, that other world that co-exists with our perceived one, and that other world is a mathematical matrix of flowing colors. Mystics of the ages have spoken of their consciousness passing back and forth between that world and this.

The Master Jesus (Isha) spoke of that other world co-existing with this one in my book, I Remember Isha [link to unveiling.18.forumer.com] :

Peter, a small, thoughtful younger man, asked, "Why are we here this moment and this day as we are?"

Isha"We are here by the grace of God, by our desires to be. It is this desire to experience life which draws us into embodiment. It is this dynamic which supplies the seed, as it were, to generate into this family those whose past experiences together focus on a step--as you will--which holds for each one an opportunity to advance in beingness.

"Similarly, this day is like all other days in that it is unlike all other days. Within this dichotomy lies the import and reason for being. Thus we have the necessity to be aware of this moment in time, and, with it all rewards available at this moment, which can become obvious to us by surveying this landscape. The family upon its face listens to the murmur of peaceful voices, the rush of air sweetened by flowers and the sparkling water reflecting dynamic rays of sunshine.

"But beyond that, the inner heart of man reaches out to an infinite meadow of beauty of music of perfection which knows no end, but which is just as real as it is unseen by mortal eyes. My brothers, this scene before us is but a reflection of that which exists but unseen. There are no ends, no fatal moments, nothing but passing effortlessly between two poles, if you like, of beingness. Each has its purpose, each brings its music, and each has its celestial beauty."

Regarding Sacred Ground--from the same book:

At the time of the second spring festival, we hiked far out into the foothills to an estate owned by Great Uncle Zebedee. At that place, the extended family had gathered around the central focus of the grounds, a clear and deep pond about one hundred feet long by fifty feet wide. Ancient trees gave dappled shade to large flat-topped rocks around the eastern edge. This pond, or large spring actually, seemed magical to me, and I thought that even the birds in the gnarled shrubs sang of glorious secrets. A story in the Holy Books described this spring as Holy Ground, and the family had cherished and cared for it for many generations

Isha answered: "It is because of just these things that we gather here and now at this sacred spot on earth. This spot is holy, even as we with our own souls are holy. This ground is sacred--the womb, as it were, of life on earth in this dispensation. There have been others; but for us, at this time, we and this pond represent the womb of this age."

(This spring was, as I understand now, the main electromagnetic vortex for that time/space--the Middle East--and the next two thousand years.)

He spoke in the evening, before the dancing, wine and song:
"My fellow kinsmen, we are gathered here by this beautiful sacred pool: A pool of insight for those who will but have the desire to absorb the knowledge contained here in these aquamarine waters. Look, for in the layers of transparency you may see thy soul as the Father knows you-- a Being of purity and clear light. As the light, when it enters the crystal of quartz, does refract and glow with the colors of creation, so the light of the Father will separate into the colors of creation as it enters your consciousness.

There is another world beyond this one, and such a pool as this is a doorway for those who so desire it to be. As a flower growing here knows itself to be reflected by the water, so your soul, your purest being, will be reflected back to you when thou contemplates the infinite depths of such clarity. You are but light, pure glorious light, and such clear water is a fit mirror for such light.

"Feel yourself as a being of light, for such is your true reality. As the beam of this light penetrates the crystalline layers of this pond, it is refracted and separated, broken into the glorious colors of creation. Pure energy. Pure delight. You are now in that other world that co-exists with this one, a true reality of glowing color, where every rock is a jewel, every thought a prayer of praise, expressed in the delight of flowers in this perception.

"Look at the rainbow, and know that it is, indeed, your pathway to the heavens. You are such beings of pure color and exist in that world as the rainbow exists in this. As the wind caressing our skins carries the fragrance of the flowers to us, a messenger of their loveliness, so the very flowers themselves are an expression of your thoughts in this other world, expressed in this. The wonders of creation are infinite, and the crystalline structure of such a pool is a repository and doorway to experiencing, knowing these wonders.

"The music we have heard today was absorbed by the pool and expressed in that other world as a rainbow of changing color, pure sound as our inner ears know it. Music and song lift every atom in our bodies, and indeed, the rocks we sit on, wise old beings from the beginning of the world, to a harmony with all creation, an expression of joy from the Father."

From my journal of September 29 and 30, 1992, from Spirit Teachers:
Teachers:"All of creation (matter) is but frequency of energy of sound. Sound is created from thought.

"Your world was not created eons ago, as you think. It is re-created every moment, every now that you experience. You, also, create this world surrounding you by your thoughts and breath." [By sound, they mean the Sacred Word.]

From "I Remember Isha", His nightly teaching to the rabbis and "disciples":

"The Light of the World is the Lord, and the Lord is the Light of thy life. All life is sustained by this Light, the Light of Constant Creation. Look at the rainbow, and see your Father in His direct manifestation.
"Light contains information. Light is created from the WORD. Light is energy. Light and matter come from the HOLY WORD. Do not think of the sound of the WORD as the sound your physical ears can hear. The sound of which I speak is from the other world which underlies yours. Light, as well as sound, can penetrate the veil between these worlds.

"There are many, many kinds of light. The white light of the Father is now flooding your world, purifying and uplifting. You all feel this. There will be physical and political expressions of this light. Much rigidity and fixed ideas will cease to be. That is, old paradigms will collapse. You may experience this change as confusion in your minds. Expect this.

"Light is composed of color, and color is composed of sound. All begins with the creative WORD. When you speak or sing, you create color and light in the other world, which is manifested in this world as all that is.

"Your voice comes back to you as your life and experiences. These, in turn, influence your thoughts, which form your voice sounds, which create color and light, which is expressed in this world as all that is.

"The use of breath, imagination, desire and will, expressed in the out-breath, creates all. This outbreath, when combined with conscious thought desiring expression [voice], is more powerfully creative than breath alone.

"When your thoughts are attuned to the higher glories, your outbreath is combined with the Heavenly Host, and is even more powerful still. Thus, prayers sung in that state of mind do create a focus, a whirlpool of radiance about that physical location which lingers for tens of thousands of years. With conscious desire and consistent application, your very life can create a radiance upon this Earth which will not soon be forgotten.

"As you walk through the wilderness, know that the landscape, plants and animals surround you with love, as you return that love to them. This creates a song in the higher realms, sung by the angels, which, returning, bathes your world in glowing light.

"Yet, in even greater measure, do you create such music when you extend the hand of loving compassion to another of God's children, your brother or sister. This giving in loving care to each other is the highest expression of your humanity. No learning, no accomplishment, no wealth, no prestige, is of any worth compared to this gift. The act of loving care to each other does produce heaven on earth, the world that was meant to be and soon will come."


"The singing of this angelic choir is most directly impinged upon your world into precious gems and all crystalline matrices. These matrices have been concentrated in certain areas of your world by this singing from above, and are known to you as Holy Ground.

"Your world is a marvel, a marvel of conscious thought expressed through sound, to color, to light, to crystalline matter, ever changing, yet retaining a beautiful mathematical organization, seen through the inner eye as rainbows of scintillating color.

"Remember that the Earth is the embodiment of your Heavenly Mother: As you create a radiance of love from the Father by living your very lives in a state of conscious grace, you are a linking bond from the Father to the Mother, a trinity--a trinity created by your very desire that it be so.

"Do not disparage this world about you, for it is a magical library, and can teach you of all that is. Be like a little child, with eyes shining at the glories they see, and so learn to be one with God. As the wonderful air of the high mountain places fills us with the glorious pure energy of the Father, so know that my words come from just such a place, and are for you.

"This beautiful Earth is an embodiment of your Mother, and the very being of yourselves is an act of the Father. Know that you are one with the Father, an expression of His great love, and that this world is a creation of love. This is the Jewel of the Universe, and heaven surrounds you now and always.

"Honor your Father and your Mother. Honor your earthly Father and Mother, for they are your parents, a part of you. To honor your parents is to honor yourself. As you honor your earthly parents, so much more must you honor your Heavenly Father and Mother, for you are, truly, part of them and they a part of you. Respect your Heavenly Mother, as you experience Her, the Earth you live on.

"This Earth we live on is a Being, a Being of infinite love and giving. This Being creates more wonders for us than we can comprehend. Do not think of the land you till and own as yours. You are given to be in that place so long as Mother Earth gives for you to be there. She IS, and you ARE, with her. Your thoughts create what you perceive to be. She is enormously patient, and the spring flowers bloom with new delight and energy on the site of a bloody battle between men, who have not the vision of their true selves. The vanquished only seem to die: They return to fight again and again, until all see that, as we are children of God, all are brothers.

"Can I tell you of the ages of our Mother, the Earth? Can I tell you of the ages of man, of the glorious civilizations long forgotten? I say to you, you have a magnificent history, and the grandeur of the Earth is beyond words. Why are you now in such low estate? Because you have chosen to be so. But know that the kingdom of God is all about thee, and you are one with God."


"Water. Water and light. The very raindrops are wonders of color, energy and light. A gift. Like all our Father's gifts, they fall equally upon all. There is no judgment, no good, no bad. ALL ARE. And by being, all exists in love, because love is the very source of creation. Through the medium of water and light, the Father reminds us of His presence through the rainbow and the sunset, glorious depiction's of His ever-present love. Love your Heavenly Father, the Creator of All, and you, His Children. Let your soul feel His Love, flooding thy being with liquid energy and all the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow that appears so unexpectedly and magically in the mountain mists is a reminder to you of your relationship to God. It is a bridge to Heaven, the glorious colors lifting your consciousness to Him.

"Water is but a step down from quartz, and is liquid light. Light is of the Father; and water imbues this world with His Creativity and Love, existing in all life, crystals, ice, oceans, the clouds, the lakes and streams.

"All life on this world exists in a form of water, because water is of the essence of the Father, the essence of His pure love and creativity. Water contains all knowledge, and, when locked in its infinite crystalline form, holds that knowledge. The crystalline form [ice] is so varied, because knowledge is infinite. This form can compress information and preserve it for tens of thousands of years.

[note: The six-sided snowflake is infinite in its manifestation. Quartz is hexagonal, also, and the Master spoke of the relationship of water, quartz and light.]

"Drink the pure sparkling waters of a high mountain spring. Know that Mother Earth is speaking to you, imparting wisdom, which can be consciously accessed, merely by desire, imagination and faith. From the depths of the Earth this water comes, knowing of this World and its history, its present and its future. Drink. Drink in a state of reverent purity--and know God. Listen to the small birds who gather at such a spring. Thy Elder Brothers speak to you and guide you so.

"Look at the clear still water from a sacred spring. Such wonders, such wisdom, so transparent, so beautiful, as are our true selves, beings of glorious pure light. Know yourself. Look into the depthless wonders of such a pool and know that you are viewing yourself."

Back to my Journal of September 29, 1992, Spirit Teachers:

"There was a time, on your planet, long ago, when knowledge was simply drunk. You still speak of "thirsting for knowledge." You will experience this way of learning again.

"Now, Lorae, we would like you to think again of the vortices and ley lines of the Earth. Now think of the heavens. Think of communication. Think of portals. Think of templates. We are trying to convey some difficult (different) concepts across to you.

"What do you imagine a vortex is in terms of frequency?"

Me: "Intense. Each has a different velocity and amplitude and quality, but all are intense to varying degrees. They exhibit color and sound. We now have instruments capable of sensing this color and sound, along with the obvious electromagnetic energies. Others will do this work."

Teachers: "The frequencies from space come to this Earth at the vortices. There are many different systems, each with its own particular grid--not necessarily in a square or rectangular pattern.

"There are frequencies of thought, of being. Frequencies have four dimensions, just as the matter that you experience. [We live in a four-dimensional reality?] These dimensions are intensity, velocity (in time), amplitude (in space) and quality. This last is difficult to convey to you. Know, however, that a new physics is being developed, which may explain this. As to quality; compare the frequency of a plant to that of a bird. A rock. Basalt to crystal. The water of the ocean waves breaking to the water of a still pond. Infinitely different, although classifiable into categories, categories of templates from the invisible world expressed in this."

Journal, September 30, 1992, Spirit Teachers:

"Sacred grounds are portals for communication and frequency from space and from Earth to space."

Me: "Can we affect this frequency?"

"It depends upon the number system that you use and the number system being used at that portal."
"Shall I call vortexes Portals?"
"What about ley lines?"
"Lines of communication. They have length and distance, but zero width. A portal has amplitude, frequency, intensity and quality, that is, the energies at the portal have those characteristics. Same with lines of communication. About affecting the information passing through portals: Singing sacred sounds will be effective. You may be surprised at the results. Placing crystals at the springs is excellent. Good."

From the above: Vortexes are different in quality, intensity and amplitude and velocity of frequency. The more principal ley lines described for each vortex and the more spokes passing through the hub, the greater the intensity of the vortex.
Not only are vortices delineated by degrees of force, or importance, but also by type. Because they are foci of energy, that energy whirls at a certain frequency;and furthermore, this whirling is either clockwise or counter-clockwise. As this energy is whirling, it moves either out-of, or in-to the Earth. The counter-clockwise movement is pulling energy into the earth, a "cleansing" vortex, and the clockwise movement is an outgoing, or "generative" vortex. Ley lines have force and direction, that is, some are stronger than others, and the force moves in a direction, possibly alternating. Not only are there different degrees of energy, but different kinds of energies flowing along these pathways. Each line has a parallel twin--one on this plane, and one in the etheric.

There are three-dimensional pyramids existing in implicate reality above the surface of the Earth, some reaching heights of thousands of miles, some only a hundred or so. I have not tried to ascertain the bases of these pyramids. These etheric pyramids, for those who want to access infinite knowledge in meditation, are repositories of such data. Go to the King's Chamber for precise information. To get this precise information, you have to have a fairly exact idea of what to look for, similar to researching a vast subject in an enormous, computerized library. To begin a search, go to the Queens Chamber for generalized browsing and information. After months of refining your questions, move to the Kings Chamber.

Some vortices are meetings of such disparate ley lines--or ley lines whose charge has been damaged or changed--that these vortices spin both up and down in both directions, an example being the Oregon Vortex near Gold Hill, Oregon. Such strange phenomena could also have been created or damaged by man directly, by humans trying to use the power of a vortex in confusing and unsacred ways.

Journal, 9/29/92:
Spirit Teachers:"Know that all is well. The lizards are to reign no more. They will be returned to primal matter. We will no longer permit them to oppress humans."

Me: "What of those humans who have chosen to be one with the lizards?"
"That is a complicated question, not given to simple answers. All will decide their own treatment. There is no judgment. All are free to choose."

"What of the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune?"
"A new civilization [coming] with completely different paradigms."

"How? Tell me."

"You, yourself will create. There are many paths of reality to follow. We do not know which you will choose. You are the power, the glory and the expression of the magnificence of the Creator."

"Me? Ridiculous. I'm an idiot."

[You think that] "because of the frequency control. We will disrupt it soon. ASK!
"Frequency control [is] very strong right now to stave off rebellion. The authorities are clinging with violent methods and in desperation to their disappearing power. Their time is finished. This is an end game, and you, dear humans, are the prize. It is well that you ask for our help, for, by cosmic law, we cannot interfere without permission. WE ARE HERE AND WE DO LOVE THEE. Do not despair. Have no fear. We are by thy side at all times. LISTEN: We have sent thee hawks (angels) and many other birds as a sign. Look for signs in the skies."

From my book, "A Tale of Turquoise":
That evening, she photographed the straight half-double rainbows we saw in the north. On the horizon, two astonishingly bright upright stems of glowing rainbow color appeared from behind the trees. I think that these apparitions could have been the leading air disruption of spacecraft, because about a year later, I noticed the same thing in pictures of spacecraft taken during the great fires in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. Before the sunset, we witnessed unusual large moving shadows on the mountains to the southeast. It was as if the heavens were speaking to us.

In late May of 1993, while driving along highway 238 in Southern Oregon near the turnoff for the little Applegate, I noticed two large lenticular formations (saucer-shaped clouds) above and to the south. They were connected by a thick, unusually brilliant rainbow as wide as the saucer-shaped clouds. We stopped to watch them, and another vehicle also pulled over. A contrail beneath the clouds put them above 60,000 feet. The "clouds" and the rainbow-connection dissipated after about twenty minutes.

Vortices and their ley lines are not only Earth-surface phenomena; obviously they relate to the heavens above...

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion, or to a non-existent authority, on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the future." ~ Wilhelm Reich
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Re: Questions about Ley Lines
Opie, this book and others in the series may be of interest to you.

[link to www.woodenbooks.com]

They are only small, but generally well written and informative, if a little brief.
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Re: Questions about Ley Lines
Hmm it only linked to the site and not the book, have a look at earth grids.

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Re: Questions about Ley Lines
Can anybody point me in the direction of reliable resources &/or research material, so I can educate myself about ley lines please?

For instance, are there any ley line "maps" anywhere that anyone knows of?


 Quoting: Celtic (Pictavian)

You found answers for ley lines? :-).
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Re: Questions about Ley Lines
I have been told that Ley lines were man made.They can be dowsed.Earth energy lines weave around them and meet at node points ,like the caducese.They ley lines encircle the world going through many sacred sites.Hamish Miller has written a series of books about these lines in England Europe and New Zealand.The books are a description of his journey of exploration through dowsing them.Paul Deveraux has written about Earth lights and sacred places. David Cowan has written about his study of Earth energies he has dowsed in mainly Scotland.He started this when he retired.John Michell has written about numbers and ancient sacred designs in New view over Atlantis and Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas wrote Uriel's Machine which is about their theory about prehistoric technology which survived the flood and why stonehenge was situated where it is.

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Re: Questions about Ley Lines
[link to www.geo.org]

Snippet from Article:

The Seattle Ley-Line Map.
A Geo Group Project

How do you find ley lines and how can I learn more about them?

"The easiest way to find ley lines and power centers is by dowsing. Dowsing is a technique for using the body's potential to receive and feel energy. By practice, a dowser learns to feel the presence of underground water and ley lines. Just like a radio tunes into electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere and converts the waves into music, a dowser uses a tool such as a dowsing rod or a pendulum to act like the indicator light on the radio dial to help indicate where a ley line is located.

There are a number of books on ley lines besides Secrets of Sacred Space by Chuck Pettis. Two we recommend are: Dowsing by Tom Graves and The View Over Atlantis, by John Michell. You can also write the American Society of Dowsers, Danville, VT. They have chapters all over the U.S., many of which study Earth energies."

[link to www.geo.org]

David Hatcher Childress also has at least one book on the subject.
"Anti-Gravity and the World Grid"
[link to www.amazon.com]

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Re: Questions about Ley Lines
I find ley lines by map-dowsing, that is, my hands get pin-prick hot over vortexes, then I simply connect the vortexes by drawing lines. Confirmation comes when a line continues on to other vortexes.

Here are three configurations I found:
(1) The Return Focus Triangle
The main ley line starts at the Oregon Vortex, then passes over, exactly spot-on: Mt. Ashland, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Baldy, Gaudelupe, Mexico (Virgin of Guadelupe), then ends at Easter Island.
[link to unveiling.18.forumer.com]
map: [link to i18.photobucket.com]

by Lorae Ireland
[link to unveiling.18.forumer.com]
This series of stars within stars was shown me by Spirit Teachers. They told me to look for a configuration of stars on a Forest Service map of the Klamath National Forest. After getting that map, I marked all the larger mountains with red dots. I stayed up quite late that night trying to see the pattern of the stars but finally went to bed in defeat. However, the next morning I immediately "followed the dots," bringing out a series of stars within stars, described below.

A large, perfect six-pointed star encircles a smaller six-pointed star which encloses a five-pointed star with a triangle in the center. This five-pointed star is within yet another perfect six-pointed star formed by the indent points of the first two. The Indians were aware of this configuration, given the names of "Medicine" mountain and Big and Little Medicine Creeks in the very core. Medicine Mountain is sacred to the Karuk Indians.

Map of this configuration:
[link to i18.photobucket.com]

Big Medicine Creek and Little Medicine Creek are the two blue lines in the center of the "Stars". We camped near the mouth of the southernmost one the second night.

A message from Spirit Teachers:

"We come to tell you of the wonders of the Earth you live on, wonders forgotten by the race of man long, long ago. We come to remind you of who you truly are. You are not yet prepared to receive that knowledge in full, and we will begin gently, slowly, carefully: Know that this Earth of yours is a marvel, and that you are one with Her. As the configurations of the surface hint at larger realities, so your very physiology is an amazing living communications instrument, an instrument long unused.

The woman writing this has pledged herself to service to us and to all mankind. This instrument was put to partial use to bring this old, forgotten knowledge to the consciousness of humans now on Earth: We speak now of the Stars in the Marble Mountain Wilderness of Northern California.

This is, indeed, a sacred area, the portals of, as you would say, the Gods. The five-pointed star is man, the six, the cosmos. Know that five and twelve are here for you to know, see, feel and use. We ask that mathematicians, the highest philosophers, meditate upon these symbols embodied in the mountains, and understand that of which we have shown thee.

We also hope that young people, and older people who are young--those with open minds and pure, open bodies--explore this area and ask to communicate with us, for this area is, indeed, the greatest Portal of all on Earth, and many wonders have been and will be in this place.
That is all."

[I believe they're saying that this is a stargate. - L.]

From my journal, April, 1992:

Spirit Teachers: "The Stars in the Marble Mountain Wilderness ARE THE KEY TO LIBERATION."

Me: "If so, I ask for your protection."

"We have always been with thee."

"Thank you. How are they the key?"

“For you to know the truth.
They are our portal for transportation and communication. You, also, can leave the Earth through this portal."

VISION QUEST into the center of the Stars in the Marble Mountains

For the fall equinox of 1994, I hiked into the center triangle with my friend, R. (Rodney Michael Carr-Smith - you can read some of his writing here: [link to www.greatdreams.com] )
I'd met Rodney briefly at the Unity Gathering earlier. (See [link to unveiling.18.forumer.com] )
It's a 17-mile hike, one way, from the trailhead to the center of the "Stars". His friend K had driven all the way from Massachusetts to make this "Priestly Journey into The Stars in the Marble Mountains".

Before we started, as we were putting our gear in the car at Takelma across the Oregon border, we saw the smoke clouds boiling up over the mountains to the south. We drove over the pass and stopped at the Happy Camp Ranger Station to ask about the fires.

The lady at the ranger station told us that three fires had sprung up with 100 foot-high walls of flame. When we looked at the map, each appeared to be just outside the three sides of the center triangle of the Stars. Nevertheless we drove on down to Somme's Bar to the trailhead.

In the trailhead parking lot, we hesitated in confusion. K. said that because of the fires, he wasn't going in, but R. intrepidly began packing his backpack for a quick hike in and out. He told us that if he wasn't back by four days to expect him to be on the top of Medicine Mountain. I half-heartedly decided that the least I could do would be to hike with him as far as camp that night to give some moral support. I told K. that if I didn't come out the next day to know that I had gone on in with R. So we set out and hiked until well after dark.

The next morning was fine and the trail easy. I felt safe and it didn't seem too difficult a thing to continue on into the center. We hiked twelve miles that day on good trail that repeatedly climbed above the creek several hundred feet, then dipped down to climb again. With the anxiety to get there by the equinox at eleven that night, I got very tired climbing and hiking in the heat.

In late afternoon we came upon a camp of exhausted Karuk Indian firefighters. They were all sound asleep, with their boots still on and sticking out of their tents. We tiptoed past their camp and continued. About eight p.m. we arrived at the mouth of Medicine Creek and collapsed into our sleeping bags on the rocks.

We slept like the dead, and woke up about 10 in the morning. When R. first stood up he looked like a transparent blue cutout, then my eyes saw him in a normal way. We swam in the creek, crossed it and hiked a short distance into the Center Triangle.

At a high point where the trail changed direction we did a short ceremony, planted some crystals, said some prayers and invoked LIBERATION. We didn't stay much longer than half an hour because R. pointed out that those white flakes floating down were not snowflakes. We hiked five miles back to an old cabin where the trial forked to Medicine Mountain. At that place we made camp early because we were both still quite tired.

The next day we came out at the trailhead about three in the afternoon. Amazingly, K. was waiting for us. He told us that the area had been evacuated because of the fires and that he’d planned to send a search party for us if we didn’t show up by nightfall. No wonder we’d had the trail all to ourselves! We went to a cafe in Happy Camp and had the best hamburgers and cokes ever. Then we drove up the Klamath and back to Takilma.

K. left for Sedona and on to Egypt the next morning and R. and I for the Puget Sound Area where he lives in his artist studio near Chief Seattle's grave. We got there two days later after a leisurely wander up the coast. I went to visit my sisters and parents in Sequim, Washington.

Late that night I got a phone call from K., who had already called R. He asked if I had seen the papers. I told him "No," and he said that the night after we came out at the trailhead, a huge green "meteor" had screamed in from the east and landed in the Marble Mountains. People as far south as the Bay Area saw it. As excited as a child, I yelled, "We did it!"

For your quest: Before you go, get maps of the Klamath National Forest and the Marble Mountain Wilderness from the Forest Service at Happy Camp, California. Plot out the pattern of the Stars on both maps. Be sure to fix the position of the center triangle on the Wilderness map, because you'll need that information to know when you're there. From Somme's Bar on the Klamath River it's a two-day backpack into the center of the Stars, four days round-trp. Of course, tell someone where you're going and when you plan to get back. Horse packers are available if contacted a week or so in advance--the Forest Service has a list.

Plan to arrive in the triangle at a new moon, a full moon, or some special time of the year. Weather permitting, in the summer you can take a side trip up to the top of Medicine Mountain from the cabin on the creek--allow at least another two days. I wouldn't plan to go up there when there's a possibility of snow. Be careful, be sober, be mindful, and act from a centered state of integrity--this can be tricky business. And, at all times, pay special attention to the animals and birds that you see.
Aside from the side trip up Medicine Mountain, the main trail stays at a fairly low altitude all the way in.

After a seventeen-mile walk on good trail along the creek, you'll come to the big creek that drains Big Medicine Creek and Little Medicine Creek. Cross it and camp on the other side. Carry old tennis shoes with you to wade it--it's no fun barefoot. It's very good to fully immerse your unclothed body in the water at the ford because that place contains water from both Big and Little Medicine Creeks.

At your camp on the other side, hang food where brother bear can't get into it--there are lots of black bears in the area. (By the way, you're less likely to be bothered by them if you carry no meat with you.) Then go on into the triangle and plan to fast in the triangle for three days. You might get a little chilly while fasting so bring a tent, a good sleeping bag and warm clothes. Drink the water from the creek - this will align you with the energies there. You'll fall into an extremely pleasant lethargy in that place, and will almost feel as if you were on drugs. Don't be lured into staying there longer than three days. After that, break camp and cross back over the creek, then stop and eat. Take your time hiking out. When you get home, write what happened in a journal, but don't immediately talk about your trip to others - keep the energy within you.

To see an enlarged map, go to: [link to i18.photobucket.com]
click on the map, then click + to enlarge.

Plot out this series of stars-within-stars on a US Forest Service map of the Klamath National Forest. There is a meridian line through the center, so some of the Range and Townships are on one side of it and others are on the other side. This configuration stands alone, and is not connected to other vortices.

Largest Six-Pointed Star
Outward Points Indent Points
1. Slate Creek Butte, T11N, R4E, Sec 14 1.Irving Mountain, T13N, R7E, Sec 25

2.Bear Peak, T15N, R5E, Sec 14 2. Tickner Mountain, T14N, R7E, Sec 25
3.Evans Mountain, T46N, R5W, Sec 17 3. Black Marble Mountain, T43N, R4W,Sec 14/15
4.Quartz Hill, T43N, R2W, Sec 7 4. Bear Wallow Peak, T42N, R3W, Sec 28
5. Mount of the Cross, T40N, R2W, Sec 30 5. English Peak Lookout, T41N, R4W, Sec. 17
6. Youngs Peak, T9N, R7E, Sec 23 6. Tom Payne Peak, T11N, R7E, Sec 3

SMALLER SIX-POINTED STAR WITHIN THE ABOVE, using the same indent points
Outer points
1. Bald Mountain, T12N, R5E, Sec 35
2. Ukonom Mountain, T14N, R6E, Sec 22
3. Huckleberry Mountain, T44N, R5W, Sec 6
4. Boulder Peak R3W, T43N, Sec 15
5. Yellow Dog Peak, T41N, R3W, Sec 24
6. FORKS of Salmon River, T10N, R7E, Sec 13

Draw a line from each mountain to the next:
1. English Peak
2. Black Marble Mountain
3. Tickner
4. Irving Mountain
5. Tom Payne Peak

Triangle one: Tickner, Bear Wallow Peak, Tom Payne Peak
Triangle two: Irving Mountain, Black Marble Mountain, English Peak
The center of the two above triangles, and the very center of the series of six-pointed stars, is between the mouths of Big Medicine Creek and Little Medicine Creek.

Medicine Mountain is found at T13N, R7E, sec 25. Find Big Medicine Creek at R12, T13 and Little Medicine Creek at Sec 30 & 29.
Triangle: Tickner to English Peak Lookout
Tom Payne to Black Marble Mountain
Irving to Bear Wallow--drawing these lines creates a triangle in Sec 19 R5W, T42N
Links for The Marble Mountain Wilderness:

[link to www.visitsiskiyou.org]

[link to outhiking.com]

trail to Medicine Mountain from Fowler Cabin: [link to www.topozone.com]

[link to www.google.com]

Wooley Creek (The trail follows this creek.)
[link to cacreeks.com]

Wooley Creek Trail (We hiked about 17 miles from the trailhead to the center of the "Stars".)
[link to travel.yahoo.com]

[link to unveiling.18.forumer.com]
Map of the center: [link to i18.photobucket.com]

Check out the "crop circle" in the Alvord Desert, near Steens Mountain:
This Giant Crop Circle is detailed in UFO Magazine, Vol 6, #3. For copies of the article, write: California UFO, 1800 Robertson Blvd, Box 355, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Also can be viewed on this website: [link to cropcircleconnector.com] The Alvord desert is an alternate landing site for the Space Shuttle.

The aeronautical charts indicate enormous magnetic disturbance in this area in the center of the GIANT TRIANGLE OF THE WEST, forming two triangles touching apex to apex, one north, one south. These triangles are near Steens Mountain in Southeastern Oregon. On September 14, 1990, a Sri Yantra pattern appeared on the Mickey Basin, east of Steens Mountain (see note). Also, on the Alvord desert, a circle was divided into 14 pie-shapes by what looked to be telephone poles - the BLM gave me a slide photo of it, but I lost it. Rumors from old prospectors are that there is a lot of UFO activity in the Steens Mountain area.

A strange place called "Roaring Springs" is also near Steens Mountain.

The apexes of this monster are at (1) Mt. Whitney, (2) Crazy Peak in the Crazy Woman Mountains above Livingston, Montana
and (3) a POINT (perhaps a sea-mount) off the mouth of the Columbia River on the intersection of the lines from Crazy Peak through Mt. Adams, Washington and Mt. St. Helens, Washington, and the line from Mt. Whitney through Mt. Shasta, California.

In the center of this triangle, near Steens Mountain in central Oregon, is a large area showing much magnetic disturbance. Here are the sides to this triangle:

* Mt. Whitney--CA/ Crazy Peak--MT
* Mt. Whitney/ Mt. Shasta--CA/ to a POINT off the mouth of the Columbia River
* Crazy Peak--MT/ Mt. Adams--WA/ Mt. St. Helens--WA/ to the same POINT off the mouth of the Columbia River

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"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion, or to a non-existent authority, on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the future." ~ Wilhelm Reich

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Re: Questions about Ley Lines
bump for later reading! [link to phantomsandmonsters.wetpaint.com]
can't never could