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Subject What other Universities are urging students to get the H1N1 vaccine?
Poster Handle DiXie
Post Content
Auburn University in Auburn, AL is encouraging thousands of students to willingly receive H1N1 intranasal (FluMist) vaccines.

They have been conducting "vaccination clinics" for the past 3 weeks now, usually twice a week. Two more are scheduled this week and they are offering the vaccine at no charge to students, faculty, and next of kin.

They have stated on their website that 30,000 doses (more than student + faculty populations combined) have been ordered and that they do not expect injectable vaccine until mid-late December.

A large link on the student's email login page now reads "Why It's Important to Get the H1N1 Vaccine".

[link to tigermail.auburn.edu]

This link provides the following .pdf:

[link to www.auburn.edu]

Their updated FAQ and H1N1 page is located here:

[link to www.auburn.edu]

[link to www.auburn.edu]

They even have a link for a video: "NEW - H1N1 Vaccine Video -- View Now!"

As of the last email update I received, Auburn has vaccinated over 1600 students.

Does anyone else have any reports on the status of H1N1 vaccinations at other universities?

It is a shame to see the university encouraging so many students to take these poisonous shots when so many are unaware of the risks they face.
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