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Health care reform explanation for dummies

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 807249
11/08/2009 12:57 AM
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Health care reform explanation for dummies
American people saw the goverment give trillions of dollars to wall street, not to say they will continously give more. Now americans can't accept an affordable quality health care option; what the hell is wrong with the American people? Health insurance companies screw them all the time, they receive bail out money from their taxes and now Americans don't want the goverment to bail out main street by passing this health care reform for their own benefits.
I mean some Americans are so fucking stupid. Some say "We will lose our quality health care if this bill passes" WTF, you can't even afford it with your own private insurance company, of course, you can sell your house, car, cat, children and mother-in-law and you can't even make a hospital payment. Don't be so stupid, no wonder the goverment needs to take care of its people, good we have one.

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