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Message Subject STUPID AMERICA: Your taxes will now pay for Government funded ABORTIONS...the final nail in the coffin
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Friday November 6, 2009


Dirty Fighting on Abortion Funding: Word-Games and Health-Care Theatrics Boggle the Mind

Commentary by Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 6, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Deep in the thick of the health care brawl, the debate over abortion funding continues to grow even more bizarre - perhaps the word is "schizophrenic" - as the once-obscure issue inches closer to center stage.

One side of the abortion lobby, particularly House leadership, is working at fever pitch to break pro-life Democrats holding out for Hyde-amendment language in the health bill. At the same time another side of the abortion lobby masterfully (either by flat-out doublespeak or uncannily calm forays into "compromise") persists in portraying the health care bill as the very picture of home-grown American values on abortion.

A few words to cut through this semantic Gordian knot are in order.

First of all, let it be clear that H.R. 3962 explicitly authorizes the public plan to cover abortions. The bill calls for taxpayer subsidies to go to plans that cover abortions, and every U.S. region will be required to host at least one abortion-funding plan. This much is not disputed.

We'll focus on the first part: the public plan's abortion coverage. It is true that insurance premiums, not funds collected from taxpayers, will underwrite the plan's abortions. But whether you want to call this "government/federal" funding or not (we'll just call the phenomenon "funds appropriated by the government"), the point that pro-life leaders are making about the arrangement is this: the bill's handling of abortion radically alters federal policy by ensuring that Americans are paying for abortions.


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