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You think God can't make the Earth stop spinning?

If the Earth stopped spinning at once, wouldn't we all slam into walls and fly into space at about 400 mph?

Either way, it's an interesting theory of the sun revolving around the Earth, and it's nice to think of things a little differently for a change.
 Quoting: ZTE

Once again, it is not a matter concerning salvation, so it is a minor issue.

When Punisher was on one of his many incarnations here going on about the Book of Enoch and its description of the cosmos I told him that perhaps the cosmos does appear just as Enoch described (yes, I have read that fascinating book) in the heavenly dimension, but it manifests in this dimension as the model of stationary sun/revolving planets.

Different dimensions, different set of physic laws.

The sun isn't even stationary, but revolves about in the galaxy. That all this could be created in a short time by God isn't unfeasible by any means--I am not a believer in the theory of evolution.

If the model of the cosmos is not how we have come to discover it, why do orreries work to precision?
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