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Why does the sun travel across the plane of the galaxy? Will it cross around 2012?

Why is the path of the solar system traveling in a wave form?

Is it that the earth is the center and the planets and sun actually revolve around the earth from the perspective of the solar system orbit around the galaxy?

A balanced string with the earth it's center?

The earth does travel around the sun depending upon perspective.

What is the pivot/balance point of the solar system?

From a higher dimension does 3D appear flat?

What is that "parallel universe" that contains the earth and all there is?

It is seen from the pure light?

What is pure light?

Can water vapor as in the clouds show a mirror image of that "parallel universe"? Who is that clothed in the clouds of the earth? Who is that who sits upon the circle of the earth?

What is that seen when allowed by the Heavenly Father of a multitude of heavenly hosts and a kingdom existing in the same space as the earth?

What will happen when the hidden things "merge" into the visible?

There is an appointed time. And the Dragon knows it has a short time left to deceive.

What war is prepared by that Dragon who knows where it is existing? But will surely fail.

But, come quickly our redemption for those redeemed by the Life of the Blood of the Lamb, the Salvation of the Father YHVH at His right hand.
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