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Message Subject Message To The American Police Officer
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What makes a police officer want to become a police officer?

Is it the gun that make them jubilate to the idea of becomming a police officer?

Is it truly because they want to help the population? And if that is true, what were they doing to help the community before they became a police officer?

Is it because there is a lot of job and they basicly take anyone without a criminal record?

I know some went into the force to become organized criminals, i know some personnaly and they are quite happy about the power that was instigated in them.

Is it because when they were young they were looking up to the police officers and they see how the people react when the police force arrives on the scene (respect and all) Theire childhood was filled with rejection and they figured that they would eliminate all form of rejection if they hold the bigger end of the stick?

My cousin is a RCMP, she weights 100 pound and measures 4.9 foot high. She went into the force to feel stronger (her own words)

Police officer beleives they are necessaire. Its an ego thing.
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