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Message Subject Message To The American Police Officer
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
AC 5409, I sincerely appreciate for you and your fellow officers of peace and law for putting your lives on the line for the safety and well-being of the society in general. Youīre a credit to law enforcement profession, it may not be the greatest job in the world but the most important job as well and a necessity at that.

Without police officers enforcing the public-mandated laws, who will police the community/society to prevent anarchy, lawlessness and chaos? Regular people are highly susceptible to temptations and often falls to the lesser, even malicious, realms of human nature. Itīs difficult for regular people at large to police and behave themselves if left unchecked or if other forces or factors cause circumstantial conditions of which to pit people against people, friends against friends, family against family and so on.

The AC assholes here who bashed you and police officers in general are totally screwed-up/brainwashed tools. They only see evil in police officers due to media polarization, popular stereotypes, blatant ignorance and fell into traps made by the malevolent people who despised police officers.

Though, there were some police officers who did the stupid things like taking bribes, breaking their own laws while enforcing, given into corruption, looking the other ways, etc, etc,, these people does a grave disservice to the law enforcement profession. That should be in no way reflected on the vast majority of police officers and state troopers who are good, law-abiding, helpful public servants of the society and the community in general.

I thank you for doing a thankless, difficult job. Thatīs my gratitude for all police officers out there.
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