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Subject Rapture Ready web site/Pre-trib Promoters Trying to Control the Thinking of Christians Who Don't Disappear?
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[link to libertytothecaptives.net]

One of the key points the Left Behind Series makes is that there can be no other explanation for mass disappearances of Christians other than the rapture of the church.

Todd Strandberg, the owner of the Rapture Ready and other message boards, is also reinforcing the Left Behind message. He wrote an article instructing those who do not disappear in the rapture to not trust Christian leaders or political figures who might give explanations other than the rapture for mass disappearances of Christians. Logical explanations for the disappearances of Christians are lies, according to Todd Strandberg and the authors of the Left Behind Series.

The Left Behind Series (which co-author, Jerry B. Jenkins claims is teaching "Truth with a capital T") and the Rapture Ready website are working to condition Christians— who escape the first phase of the New World Order take-over roundups — how to think about mass disappearances of their brethren.

The Rapture Ready Message Board and the Left Behind Series promote these notions:

(1) The rapture of the church will occur before any serious persecution comes to Christians in the United States.

(2) Christians who do not disappear should not trust anyone (even a trustworthy Christian leader) who gives any logical explanation (other than the Rapture) for mass disappearances of Christians.

They have certainly gone past what their readers regard as Bible teaching and have entered into the area of molding the thinking of Christians regarding the disappearances event. They want Christians who do not disappear to sit tight and not think, investigate, or question anything, but to simply believe what they have been told beforehand—that their brethren have been taken to heaven by Jesus. Those who sincerely serve the Lord Jesus Christ and yet find themselves on planet earth when the media reports that Christians around the world have simultaneously disappeared are to assume that they are not authentic Christians FOR ONE REASON—they are still here.

Why are Todd Strandberg and the authors of the Left Behind Series so anxious for Christians to believe that mass disappearances equals the rapture? Why are they telling Christians how they should think after the "disappearances event" occurs? Why are they intent on causing Christians to disbelieve the logical explanations of those who do not believe the Rapture really happened? Why are the people connected with Left Behind and the Rapture Ready Message Board working to influence Christians who don't disappear to sit back passively and close their ears to any other explanations besides the Rapture after they hear about mass disappearances of Christians? Why are they resorting to manipulating the minds of Christians?

If the "disappearances event" really means the rapture has occurred, then this event can stand up to the closest scrutiny, can it not? Truth does not hide from investigation, and if brainwashing methods are needed to teach truth, then it is not truth at all. It is propaganda.

The following is an excerpt from Todd Strandberg's flippantly titled article, "Oops, I Guess I Wasn't Ready." (1)

Do Not Trust Christian Leaders

In the coming days, you are going see and hear messages from some of the biggest names in Christendom on radio and TV, and these messages won't be ones recorded before the rapture. The broadcasts you'll be hearing will be either live or taped after the rapture. They will be from Christian leaders that have also been left behind.

Millions of people will be reassured by the fact that their favorite Christian celebrity is still here on earth. I expect most of these well-known leaders, possibly out of embarrassment, will be working feverishly to disprove the rapture event. They may say things like, "I don't know where or why those people disappeared, but I will tell you this: That was not the so-called rapture of the Church."

I'm sure it will be quite confusing to hear men that were regarded as the leading authorities on the pre-tribulation rapture, now proclaiming contradictory theories. Don't listen to them no matter how well-respected they appear.

Many religious and political leaders will be attempting to persuade you into believing some logical explanation for the rapture. All of their lies will be contrary to the Word of God. If they give you any doubt, just remember they were left behind just like you, so what business do they have instructing you?"

How is Todd Strandberg privy to the information that some big-name pre-tribulation rapture leaders will abandon the rapture theory after the disappearances occurs? How does he know that they will be providing logical, other-than-the-rapture explanations for the disappearances and why is he so anxious that Christians who are left behind will believe them? Is he concerned that Christians who do not disappear might believe explanations that their brethren were carted away to detention centers and thus make haste to go into hiding?

Todd stated as fact that some well-known Christian leaders will not be raptured, and he wants to discredit them as not being worthy to listen to because they will not disappear and thus should be regarded as non-Christians. The Left Behind Series promotes the same unbiblical notion. (Find out more about this conditioning in God's Wrath on Left Behind.)

Todd Strandberg wants to make certain that anyone who assets that mass disappearances of Christians is not the rapture of the church should be discounted as a liar. Why is Strandberg conditioning Christians to ignore all explanations regarding mass disappearances of Christians that go outside the bounds of the Darby-inspired Rapture Explanation? If the Bible actually teaches that there will be a pre-tribulation rapture, then why is Todd doing "damage control" before the alleged event that even occurs? Why is he so worried that you might actually ponder other explanations given regarding the disappearances of Christians?

Why has he extended the pre-trib rapture doctrine to the point where he feels the need to condition believers how to think after the disappearances event occurs? Todd Strandberg's writings are directed toward Christians. Why is he telling believers—who have been taught that the Lord Jesus Christ would rapture them before the tribulation— how to think if they do not disappear? Ask yourself this question: Who stands to gain if Christians sit back in the wake of the vanishings and persist in this programmed thinkment?

Todd's Advice Furthers The Plan

Those who are bringing in The Plan—Satan's New World Order (which is the preparation or initiation of the world for the New Age One World Government)—are the only people who will benefit from Todd's advice to Christians who do not disappear.

Yes, Todd Strandberg is teaching what the New Age/New World Order network needs God's people to think regarding reported, world-wide mass disappearances of Christians. In the wake of mass vanishings, they do not want the Christians who have not been stolen away to investigate, weigh the evidence, or get advice from the few non-compromising (not hireling) spiritual leaders that remain in the church today. They are definitely discouraging Christians from resisting The Plan in any fashion.

If Christians take swift action and move themselves and their loved ones to safe havens in the wake of the first wave of disappearances, the authorities will be hindered from catching them off guard and forcibly taking them to the detention camps on the next roundup. In order for The Plan to progress smoothly, Christians must be under mind control to think that they are in peace and safety when they are actually in great danger. This will make it a simple matter for foreign troops—that are already stationed in the United States—to sweep them away to detention centers.

Any person who suggests that the Christians might not have been raptured does not serve the purpose of The Plan. That is the reason for this pre-disappearances conditioning.

Todd Strandberg wrote that any other reason given for the disappearances of Christians is contrary to the word of God. Take heed that no man deceive you. The Bible does give another reason:

Jesus said, "Then they shall deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake." (Mathew 24:9)

Left Behind Says Christians Who Disappear Could Not Be Dead

The following is the January 5 Daily Devotional For Left Behind:

Please notice that a Bible verse is attached to the Left Behind excerpt for the purpose of supposedly authenticating it:

I'm anticipating some . . . awful ransom demand. I mean, it's not like these people who disappeared are dead. . . . I'm not ready to start believing the tabloids. You just know they're going to be saying the space aliens finally got us." - Steve Plank, Left Behind

You know quite well that the day of the Lord will come unexpectedly, like a thief in the night. But you aren't in the dark about these things, dear brothers and sisters, and you won't be surprised when the day of the Lord comes. - 1 Thessalonians 5:2, 4 , New Living Translation

The manipulative conditioning about how to think regarding the disappearances is also being employed by those who conceived the Left Behind Series. Readers are being presented with the idea that thinking that Christians who disappear might be dead is ludicrous enough to be tabloid material. It is not tabloid material. It is Biblical truth. The Lord Jesus Christ warned that His disciples would be delivered up to be afflicted and killed for His name's sake. Why would all nations hate us and seek to have us killed for Jesus' sake? Because Christians are loyal to the Lord Jesus Christ and therefore against the satanic One World Order regime.

Connecting the notion of space aliens with the idea of the disappeared being dead is a propaganda ploy meant to discredit the latter idea. Yes, aliens from other planets are tabloid material but foul play against Christians during the New World Order takeover is not.

By the way, there is no such thing as an alien from another planet. Beings that pass themselves off as aliens are demons or even holograms. (Holographic technology does exist and it is possible that such images will be passed off by the media as UFO's or aliens. Seeing is not necessarily believing. We must walk by faith, not by sight, and test all things.) The reason so many books, television programs, and movies have alien themes (Star Trek, Return of the Jedi, Star Wars, Alien, etc.) is because the New World Order programmers are conditioning the populace to expect to see demons (which they call aliens) and to accept the idea of interacting with them. The New World Order is a satanic regime and the people serving it must be induced to expect and desire to interact with demons. If you entertain yourself via books and television programming with alien themes, you are choosing to fellowship with devils and are giving Satan the opportunity to spiritually destroy you—both now and during the Tribulation.

What does Steve Plank's remark, "I'm anticipating some . . . awful ransom demand. I mean, it's not like these people who disappeared are dead. . . ." have to do with the Bible verse about the day of the Lord coming unexpectedly, like a thief in the night? Nothing. The verse is being used as a manipulation device to teach that disappearances of Christians equals the rapture. No, it does not. Mass disappearances of Christians means that day of Satan's short reign on earth—via the New World Order military takeover—has manifested itself openly before all.

Disappearances Equals Rapture AFTER the Tribulation

It is immediately after the tribulation—which the Lord Jesus Christ will mercifully cut short for the sake of the elect (see Mt. 24) —at the last trump that disappearances of Christians equals being raptured, or changed from corruptible to incorruption and mortal to immortality:

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 1 Cor. 15:52

For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. 1 Cor. 15:53

It is most revealing that the people involved with the Left Behind Series and Rapture Ready are intent on not only causing Christians to believe they will be raptured before they suffer any major persecution but to also condition Christians who do not disappear to think and behave in the way that best furthers The Plan.

Notes: "Oops! I Guess I Wasn't Ready" by Todd Strandberg [link to www.raptureready.com]

Exposing False Doctrines in the Left Behind Series
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