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Subject If Obama is the Anti-Christ, we have about 2.5 years left BEFORE THE ROYAL SHTF AND ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!
Poster Handle 3.5 years of Peace and then TS
Post Content
Revelation says a 7 year Trib occurs; 3.5 of peace and 3.5 of TSHTF; the first 3.5 is led by the AntiChrist who has completely fooled everyone because he seems to be a peace guy...


- play your Dragnet music here --

he turns into the worse creep ever and kills most people on the planet...

We've had about 1 year of Mr. "I'm not from Kenya, I'm not a minority or a Muslim and I don't bow to royalty or salute flags and I promise to cap your trade and bring healthcare to millions of illegals on your dime" Obama.
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