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Hi Folks,
This is becoming a very active and emotional thread. I am not really surprised because I think a lot of us love our animals more than other people(even though we won't admit it). I had a girl that worked for me for many years and was a REAL animal lover. I would always say to her "Dayle, I understand where you are coming from but it is the humans that are sick(emotionally, psycologically and spiritually)and need the most help, not the animals". If we could help the people get better, then the animals would not have to suffer the way they do. I guess I should have been a social worker instead of a veterinarian. At any rate having an active mind I would always think about things like this and I have come to the conclusion that we may be the most arrogant of the species but we are certainly not the most evolved. Yes, I think most animals are more evoled than us humans. They don't have to take anti-depressants and watch pornography.

However, we do have a great impact on them and if you are a person with personal difficulties(and who is not) you can not help but see those difficulties reflected in your own canine. I know my dog is a lot like me so he certainly is not "normal". So it be hooves us all to try to be better people, one day at a time, if not for the human race, do it for your dog or cat. I truly believe our higher power put our animals here to teach us lessons. I have seen it happen over and over again. I know I have learned a great deal from animals(dogs and horses mostly).

Being riped off by anyone is wrong, and lets face it, it is happening everywhere all the time to everybody. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. I must admit that my behavior as a veterinarian could have been better. However, first we are lied to in our professional schools when we are educated and I have seen this becoming a much bigger problem these days than before. Then we are corrupted by STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE(SOP)of our peers, who have graduated before us, when we get out of school.

Believe me until you become your own person(believe what you truely feel is right in your heart) and it is one giant feat in our society today we will all transgress on each other and I think the people who are complaining the most about the corrupt Vets. had better take a good hard and honest look at themselves first. Because it is seeing our own reflections in others that causes us to react so emotionally.

But yes I do see that the human species is on the edge of the Abyss looking in and if we do not change and start treating one another with the honesty, truth, trust, fairness, sincereity and the respect that we all deserve then man will become exstinct. However, we must first and foremost be brutely honest with ourselves about our own faults then we will beable to see the truth. And hopefully it will set us free. But hurry there is not much time before the NWO and the UN and WHO spread the next spanish Flu II pandemic and marshall law and chaos from the dollar collapse ensues.
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