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Message Subject So you are over 40 and you have small muscles
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The strongest person any of us ever knew was a scrawny kid that lived in the Los Gatos. He had an old heavy steel cruising bicycle. He'd bicycle 25 miles to Santa Cruz all the time. He'd be at my brother's house and they'd make plans for the evening, he'd say, "I have to run up to my house and do some shit. Be back at 6." And he'd be back. He'd cycle uphill, 27 miles to his house, did some shit and came back down. It took 15 or so minutes to come down. He'd surf all day and bike back up the hill. My brother said they'd try to wrestle him and he'd be attacked by big guys, all in great shape, and flung them off like a bull tosses a human. he was 5'8'.

That's like a hundred miles an hour on a bike?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 895279

no one rides 100 mph unless they are on a death trip.60 was my max down hill,44 on the flats.
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