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Message Subject So you are over 40 and you have small muscles
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Looking unattractive is the least of your worries.

Physical strength particularly in arms and shoulders is a major defense during falls, which become increasingly an issue from 40 yrs onward. It could happen trying to change a light bulb whilst standing on a swivel chair, your strength will reduce the injury to the head from the corner of the table resulting in only a 1 month hospital stay instead of 3.

And where's your emergency reserve protein and minerals?

I am 57

ready to take you out pretty boy!!!!


Ice....wow, ever since the Saints won you've become some what cocky, LOL....settle down, he's only giving advice. Most men over 40 look like shit.

And to that "A MAN" poster, what part of starting out with 10 reps of 10 per day didn't you understand. It's very good advice to start out slow to rebuild the muscle and get the body used to working out again.

I am 48, 5'11" 202 lbs. Not in prefect shape, but I hold my own. I've had a love hate relationship with working out since about 40. I think it's because I have to work hard than before, LOL.
 Quoting: ufoptics

Hey first off motherfucker don't start trying to talk down to me! There's not one goddamned thing I don't understand. You think you got some sage advice- take it! I'll not waste a moment of my time trying to get you on a correct course. I'll just stick to bashing. Be careful boy and eeezzzzz into it and make sure it's not really like working out. Might fuck up and get DOMS- god forbid. See you're the kind of fuckers these late night exercise machines are geared for "WOW ! With the ab weasel it's like someone else is working out for me!" 'That's right for 99.95 and it doubles as a pastry making oven.'
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