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Human Natural Selection - How Do We Move Forward?

Inglorious Bastard
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United States
12/23/2009 10:38 PM
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Human Natural Selection - How Do We Move Forward?
All creatures on this Earth are guided by natural selection. That's an obvious science that's hard to dispute.

As the dragonfly was 3 feet across millions of years ago, throughout the ages, through natural selection, they have slimmed down and streamlined.

They need less food to survive, and produce far more than in the past.

Same with many dinosaurs which are now present day birds and various other creatures.

But Humans...Hmmm. We seem to be dumbing down. Ever read a newspaper from the year 1900? The people were much more able to comprehend real words, and spoke in a much more eloquent fashion.

What if...and this is just an if... What we are about to go through with all this spiral stuff is about human natural selection?

Ages ago, Noah went around raving about an impending flood. The flood came, Noah's, and the people who saw the signs and took shelter, their genes moved on...The people who told Noah to go wear a tin foil hat, well, not so lucky.

The people that can sift through all the thousands of layers of various disinformation to get down to the root of the matter find out the truth, they take precautions, they are more likely to move on.

Those caught in the glamourous world of FOX news, when the event comes, they will be unprepared, and less likely to survive.

Humanity has obviously reset several times thoughout history, that has been proven time and time again.

Maybe the spiral is the ultimate natural selector.