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Did you have an event that you were involved in that affected someone else's Christmas for the better?


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United States
12/26/2009 02:16 AM

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Did you have an event that you were involved in that affected someone else's Christmas for the better?
I had an event that occurred related to my work that was doing what I do, but it did affect someone else's life and it was in a positive way. Knowing that I was able to help this individual even in a small way enriched my Christmas for the better.

The facts are that I was representing a parent on December 23, 2009, in a termination of parental right's case. I had been court-appointed because the parent was of limited financial means. That is tragic enough if the case was lost.

On Monday the twenty-first I received a call from my client and she could not make it to the hearing. She lived six hours away and was unemployed, receiving less that two hundred dollars a week. Her car was broken down. No relatives had money to help her make the trip because they were strapped after spending money for Christmas gifts. There was no way possible that she could defend herself if she did not appear at the hearing. I reviewed everyway possible for her to obtain transportation, but no options were feasable.

I quickly drafted a Motion and an Order for the Judge to grant a contiuance. I was told by office staff that I would have to get the other parties to agree to the continuance. One of the parties would not agree.

Finally, I got the word that the Judge indeed had granted the continuance. I called my client and she was overjoyed. I know that a successful is still not guaranteed, but it did not happen during the Christmas season.

By being able to help her, it helped me to know that I can have a positive influence on others during the Christmas season just during the ordinary course of my daily living and working.
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