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Message Subject What to expect in an economic collapse by one who was there
Poster Handle Anonymous
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This guy is a jerk. Of course he wants to see the US fail. He's Russian and thinks that an economic collapse in the US would be worse then the collapse of the USSR. He wants to get in the news so he has to say that things would be worse and that they will happen. Nothing would make him happier then to see our standard of living approach that of the pre and post USSR collapse. Screw Russia!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 663837

I agree with some of what you say ---the guy probably wants some publicity. He would likely enjoy seeing the US economy collapse as the US standard of living is envied by most the world over and resented by many.

HOWEVER, I'm afraid he is correct about why it would be worse in our society. We do eat out a lot more because we have more restaurants and can afford to, few people in this country even know how to 'cook from scratch' --with all the frozen foods, ready-mixed boxed ingredients, an abundance of pre-cut meats, etc, it hasn't been necessary. We are more urbanized than most of the USSR was so fewer people have space to grow any of their own vegetables anymore much less can them to save for future use. Food shortages will cause a lot of havoc. The US no longer has the grain reserves they used to have because they sold them or gave them away. People will riot and loot. Many will starve.

Few large cities here have really good mass transportation and most smaller cities have little if any compared to comparable European cities where the general populace isn't wealthy enough to own a car and consequently had to develop mass transportation so people could get to their jobs. God only knows what will happen when gasoline is priced out of reach of the average person or not available at any price except to the government. But then most won't have jobs to go to anyway.

There are more reasons, but these 2 are enough to make a point. In short, we have much much farther to fall than the Russians did and it will be harder.[/b
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