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My reply back to the Jury Duty Summons.

User ID: 844393
United States
01/05/2010 04:36 PM
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My reply back to the Jury Duty Summons.
I must say that I do not like being threatened by you guys nor will I
put up with it. I am not going to do jury duty as that is not my job
to do so. I do not feel it is right for me to judge others and I will
let the judges that are actual officials judge these wrongful doings
by the people.
This summons is trash to say the least, and I do not have time to be
bothered by you guys. I run my own business from home and I take care
of a younger being in this house while my wife works. So with that
benig said, financial hardship comes to mind, including me not having
a vehicle to go anywhere.
So from now on, do not send me another notice, I will respond the same
way as the above reasons state. As my rights state, leave me be when
I tell you to. You want people that are stable, have a car, and
TRAINED to judge others on a jury panel, not someone that does not.
If picked, I would just say innocent, REGARDLESS of the evidence, so
you do not want that.

Juror ID# ?????????


PS: When you get this reply back to me that you understand my terms,
and move on to others that CAN do this job and do not threaten me
again with this jail crap when I am not a criminal that steals, kills
people, does drugs, etc. LEAVE ME ALONE.