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Shareable Thoughts, the Singularity and 2012 - Change Your Thoughts and Change the World

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/18/2010 12:13 PM
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Shareable Thoughts, the Singularity and 2012 - Change Your Thoughts and Change the World
Shareable Thoughts, the Singularity and 2012

Dan Winter discovered it by being a geek living in brainiac land.

Cory Herter discovered it through +300 near death experiences.

Terence McKenna discovered it with psychedelics.

They all discovered Singularity - the sharing of information and thoughts across the human spectrum and beyond.

This is not the synthetic singularity that our mad scientists are working on - planning to stuff us into a giant supercomputer. I mean the real Singularity - the Source - God, if you will - an amazing collection of energy, of which we are all part.

By coming here and sharing thoughts, we help ourselves and all humans. Sounds wild to some, surely, but hear me out before blasting away, pleeeeeze.

Secrets and separation of information/feelings retard the human, sentencing him/her to solitary confinement, thereby removing their inborn power and discouraging freedom - even thought freedom and for most, it begins the moment we are born.

Cory's vid on advanced geometry - time and space not only explains many things we have questions about, his honest approach seems to convey the info via emotion and some kind of invisible wavelength that just flows right into you (vid is at end of post). I was humbled by the simple yet powerful words coming from this kid's mouth.

This morning I woke up a different person with a new outlook and a new plan, thanks to the generosity of these three gentlemen. GLP has played a major part in my education as well, so thank you ALL.

Been dancing around it for a long time, but Cory explained the final puzzle pieces, as it were, by setting aside religion with its divisive iconic figures and parasites, the fear mongering and prejudice associated with what we are taught about God and religion and everything else.

Ironically, an extreme right-wing Rep patent attorney first called my attention to this singularity concept. He said that it seems like there's a constantly-flowing wave of energy that we can just reach out and access because totally unrelated people around the world will come up with the same bizarre idea for an invention at the same time - said it happens all the time. His explanation is that the ideas are out there, floating around in the ethers, and people access the idea/concept at the same time from that energy flow.

I kept that in mind, thinking it was pretty profound. Then this happened, totally convincing me it is true:

A few years ago, Spielberg's mini-series Taken was aired. I had been working on a screenplay because these recurring ideas would not leave me alone, so I started writing it down. Nearly done with my work, I settled in to watch Taken. (I may watch TV only an hour a week, so this was special for me to do anyway - spouse was watching it.)

The third night a scene came on that sent me scrambling for my script. Not only was the scene identical to mine, my characters had the same names, backdrop was same, outcome was same. Even some of the lines were the same. I was running through the house screaming OMG! He took my script!! ROTFL I'll never forget it.

I think he and I accessed the same energy flow data and he beat me to the draw. LOL It was so surreal to sit and watch my composition unfold on the screen, and I thought back to the patent attorney's words.

Can we apply this to 2012?

Seeing what MMS and shill personalities are doing, it should be enough indication that we're being steered down the catastrophe pathway, just like so many times before. But it doesn't have to end that way and there's no time to lose.

If enough of us change our thought patterns to reflect the opposite for 2012, we can change it. If children singing in unison around the world can change the sun flares (repeatedly), we can certainly change the course for 2012.

We don't have to wake everyone up. We only have to be self-responsible, to learn and think and share our thoughts subconsciously or otherwise.

Just thinking, meditating or even writing on the internet helps to increase that subtle energy flow at the core of humankind. Those asleep will get the info subconsciously, bypassing the ego constraints. They, deep-down, will know truths we cannot convince them of on the surface. Gradually, they will begin to change regardless of the MMS, etc. efforts.

Know thyself.

Change your thoughts and change the world.

Sidenote: I recently learned about Saturnalia and its connection to numbers and geometry. I see some of that in Cory's presentation and keep it in mind, too. But the core of what he says resounds with absolute truth and synchs beautifully with Winter and McKenna and with what I have felt but not been able to verbalize sufficiently for a very long time.

Cory Herter - Advanced Sacred Geometry - Time and Space