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The Exorcist and the Rise of the Black Pope

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 872262
01/23/2010 02:30 PM
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The Exorcist and the Rise of the Black Pope
This is conspiracy which crosses many paths.. Politics, Governments, Global Religion, End of Days, the Fall of the Papacy, and the rise of the New World Order.

Has the world stage been set for the rise of the Black Pope? Sometimes he is referred to as the Anti-Pope, or the last Pope, or Peter the Roman?
Since the founding of the Jesuit order almost 500 years ago there have been rumors that the Jesuit General, also know as the Black Pope, has been the ultimate "Man Behind the Curtain," the ultimate evil singularity to which all other New World Order conspirators, the Bilderbergs, etc. hold as their ultimate leader and the actual power behind the Papacy. As a former Jesuit myself I found this idea initially to be so bizarre that it seemed to be one of those things where you just have to say no, that's too much, and I still am not ready to accept this. To find countless expressions of this conspiracy simply Google or YouTube "The Black Pope" But below is a link to get you started. The office is the same but the current Black Pope is a different man, I will have a link to him below this one. This does not imply that common Jesuits are evil or have any knowledge about what happens in the upper tiers.

The Black Pope

However, while doing some research of my own recently I have found some things that made me more curious. I will not attempt to rebuild the thread concerning The most recent Executive Order signed by President Obama, but I will point out a few things. In summary, should the President feel the need to in time of emergency to put this order into effect, the country will be divided into 10 regions, and the President will appoint a Governor over each region.

As other members had pointed out in that thread it is strikingly similar to Revelation 17:12 : "The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast."

Complete Executive Order

Realizing that the Jesuits also had divided the United States into 10 separate regions to be governed by one high ranking Jesuit I became curious if there would be any similarities between the Jesuit map, and the FEMA map. I was eventually able to find a copy on one of the Jesuit sites, though not a perfect match the similarities are also very striking.

Jesuit Map
[link to www.jesuitvocation.org]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
[link to www.ehso.com]

Some days after that I happened to speaking with my Mother who had asked me about a book that I had given her many years ago written by the Vaticans preeminent Exorcist, a Jesuit Priest named Fr.Malachi Martin. The name of the book was Windswept House. His style of writing was what he described as "Faction" meaning that what he wrote about was real but the names essentially were changed. One of the main themes of the book was a Luciferion cabal within the Vatican itself, a very large group who regularly practiced "Black Mass," human sacrifices of children, and all the other evil stuff you could imagine them doing. We talked for a while and then I decided to see if I could find any old interviews with Malachi Martin as he had died in 2003.

I came across several. In 1996 he did an interview for an hour with a Denver talk show host, and a few others with Art Bell through the years. After listening to all of them their were several things that jumped out... The confirmation of the Luciferion cabal within the Vatican, the Black Pope, and the Third Secret of Fatima.

For those not familiar with the apparitions of Fatima, some children were said to have had "Mary the Mother of Jesus" appear to them and she gave them three secrets.

The first two secrets were the basic love each other, pray, and repent, but the third was only to be revealed by The Pope at a very specific time, 1960. When the time came the Pope chose not reveal it because he felt it was to horrible to tell the world. Every Pope after him also chose not to reveal it. There were only two people other than the Popes, and of course the children themselves, who were ever told the third secret. Fr. Malachi Martin because of his position, and Cardinal Ratzinger.

To this day Fr. Malachi Martin is the only person to ever divulge the third secret, but only after verifying it with the last living child, who by then had become an elderly nun, and only after that having his own apparition from "Mary" who had instructed him to do so.

In 2003 Fr. Malachi Martin "Died" while in the process of writing a book he titled "Guide Book to the End Times," the transcript was never recovered. In 2005 Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI.

The Third Secret of Fatima was the rise of the New World Order under Lucifer, and the seating of the Black Pope on the Throne of St. Peter. Here is a summary of what The Third Secret contained. Essentially all hell breaks loose, literally.

The statements that he made in the mid 1990's which are included in the interviews below are so completely accurate, before the fact, that they could not be less than true. If what Malachi Martin also said is correct, these are truly the end of times and Pope Benedict XVI will shortly be replaced.
Since the death of Fr. Martin a mysterious friend has kept his website up exactly as he left it in 2003, here is the link to it, but the most fascinating things will be found in the interviews.

[link to starharbor.com]
For full appreciation of how deep this rabbit hole goes you should begin with the videos below.

Best of Art Bell & Fr. Malachi Martin

Fr. Malachi Martin on The New World Order

Fr. Malachi Martin: Third Secret of Fatima

Fr. Malachi Martin: Perfect (Satanic) Possession

User ID: 385114
United States
01/23/2010 02:30 PM
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Re: The Exorcist and the Rise of the Black Pope
black pope
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 872262
01/23/2010 02:38 PM
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Re: The Exorcist and the Rise of the Black Pope
:black pope:
 Quoting: Winningjob

User ID: 585915
02/05/2010 01:46 PM
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Re: The Exorcist and the Rise of the Black Pope
I find all of this disgusting and frightening.

I hate to think of children being sacrificed. Horrible. Just Horrible.