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You seriously think one of the two witnesses post on GLP? lmao lol laugh
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 857236

A truth seeker keeps an open mind. Remember the Pharisees and Sadducees, the religious leaders of their day in Israel scoffed at Yahshua because he was from Galilee. I don't dismiss claims of people because of where they post and neither should you. Hey, you and I post here at GLP! No, I will dismiss claims if there are lies, deceptions or bad fruit. Yahshua preached to sinners and tax collectors. Would you have dismissed Him as the Messiah because of this?

Be careful of how you judge matters that you judge righteously for many prophets, apostles and watchman and ultimately Yahshua have been rejected by many, especially by the spiritual leaders of their days. Sadly, like artist, it seems servants of Yahweh are only recognized after they have been persecuted, martyred or passed away. Sadly, this is still true today.

Yahweh will not likely send you a prophet in a Mercedes-Benz with a business suit and Rolex but rather like John the Baptist one who eats locusts and honey in a camel skin coat. Yahweh is testing your heart to see if you can recognize his spirit and not judge by mere outside appearances as Samuel did, thinking one of the good looking tall sons of Jesse was anointed, rather than the ruddy David who was out in the fields all day long tending to sheep. Judge righteously and not by mere appearances.
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