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I'm not so sure of this since I thougth the antichrist would come from ancient Assyria region

Exactly what scripture teaches

Big question on this one is whether or not they must geographically emerge from there or if it is bloodline descent from the region
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 871477

Good question. Prince Charles is a Merovingian, the 13th and most unholy Illuminati blood-line. I've thought that the anti-christ would be a Merovingian because according to the DaVinci Code deception, Yahshua didn't really die at the cross, married Mary Magdalene, relocated to France and had a daughter named Sarah, I believe, who then married into the French royal lineage of the Merovingians. Thus, Prince Charles when making his claim to be the Messiah of the Jews, can claim that he is a descendant of King David, since as a Merovingian he is a descendant of Yahshua who is a descendant of King David. The Jews would not accept someone as their Messiah unless he meets the prophecy that he is a descendant of King David.

Iran, which I believe is part of ancient Assyria, is called the land of Aryans. The Aryans may be the name for the so called demigods, more appropiately, nephilim that come from the Annunaki coming down to post-flood Sumer and mating with woman or genetically creating a Annunaki-human nephilim hybird. So in that sense, if Prince Charles is an hybird Annunaki-human nephilim from ancient Sumer, he may indeed qualify as an Assyrian.
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