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Subject Attention: Christians "Only"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To all the self titled,self appointed persons who refer to them self's as Christians but, have no idea what it means to be Christ like I hereby release from among you and will stop introducing or referring to myself as a Christian.The new term for the true redeem,elect,totally depraved,Christ centered,saved by Grace fallen people shall hence forth be known as "Christ Ordain". Only those who have an on going desire to do and seek the will of God shall be welcome to "come on out among them" and become part of the "Born again" family.

All the non-redeem who believe they are true Christians and are far from it time is short for you,cry out for Grace before it is too late!

For the rest of you it is not too late for you either,but because the hour glass is running out in time and salvation for elect souls my heart breaks for you.

Because the Corporate Church has become unequally yoke with unbelievers at a time in history (God has had enough) when God predicted through his word that Satan will sit in the holy place God allow rule in the Church) it has become unclean and time for the "Christ Ordain" to come out of her.


Christ Ordain
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