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Subject illuminati are scared of 1111
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
yes scared at the way 1111 syncs into the end game toward the end game 1111 shows up every where with holly power and with multiple meanings within syncronisity and its also due to the 1,111 secondry midwayer angels .Thats why illuminati use 1111 in there mind controll as a enforcment code and in movies as enforcment codes cos they know in the end game it occurs naturally and with amazing syncronisity and it enforces there mind controlled members to keep to there task to beat the light but they wont win. You cant win in a world of duality a world of polarity only overcome polarity and acsend and those who dont acsend go around another galactic day 260000 odd years only to fight the light... but i have heard those who dont acsend this time around are never coming back they will incarnate on some other 3rd density planet some where
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