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Message Subject illuminati are scared of 1111
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
there were always 'wild cards' built into this game of duality. this time around with the yang dominant, authority and control over others had the appearance of power and dominance. we are students here to witness our own illusions fall and let go of our co-dependent, toxic emotions. it is well-nigh impossible for any westerner, male or female, to not have identified in some way to outward authority and power.

if there is a substantial change, then it would involve consciousness, not a new technology - although we can expect technologies to advance as consciousness advances, up to a certain point we will let go of the material permanence of this density altogether. apparently we are experiencing ourselves interacting directly with the 'field' at this moment. the field is more responsive to us as we are more in frequency with it. the field is flowing with a higher frequency now.

the illuminati were able to work the field when it was 'fixed' at a lower frequency. they were able to keep a really small bandage on it with ha-arp and ch-em-trails, but those are no match for the field now. they tried with the lhc at cern, but that failed because, and i quote a scientist, 'apparently, the future itself is preventing its success.'

now, the only thing stopping people from actively creating heaven for themselves is fear, toxicity, tv and programming. it is truly up to them/us to 'save' ourselves and take a sober look at the choices before us as we look down the path.
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