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Message Subject illuminati are scared of 1111
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i might add that the angels attached to the 1111 phenomenom the secondry midwayers 1,111 of them who 40 days after the reserection of christ 1,111 of them made a final decision to forsake the lucifer manifesto and make a final alighnment to GOD they are always rite... and they say lucifer and satan couldnt just be decreated it would of caused much cofusion to the rest of his creations, angels et,s and beings so a certain amount of time had to pass as a demonstration of how it would be if lucifer and satan where to rule plus it gave god a chance to see who would go against him... they say lucifer and satan have been decreated... what is left is the fallout of the rebellion the darkened ones fighting the light...
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