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2012 Peparing Soon or DEADLY LATE?

User ID: 857925
United States
02/03/2010 02:42 PM
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2012 Peparing Soon or DEADLY LATE?
Slowly Tusnamis rippling type effects of dark energy matter
magnetic-gravitational forces are wrapping themselves around and
passing through OUR Solar System.

These MEGA devastating gravitation forces have been
(since approx 1997) showing their on coming effects...
and... have and will increase immensely by December 21, 2012!
NO MAN MADE item, mind or force can stop this from taking place!

Those truly prepared to SURVIVE with an understanding a future
working PARTNERSHIP with Mother Earth is a MUST!
They will have a good life.

All the rest will die!
David... [link to www.TheVeiledProphet.com]

2012 Peparing Soon or DEADLY LATE?

Rather than believing in the NAYSAYERS..
I perfer being like some of my ancestors...for INSTANCE... had not a few of them
and perhaps YOURS... NOT shared their VISIONS of the futures events to come...
MANKIND ...any 'ALLOWED' to live... would be yelling "Hi to some HITLER!"

As it now is...
The year 2012... Catastrophic Events will increase immensely - before peace is once again restored!...

Needed is the encouraging of the innocent in
finding the stamina and keeping up their efforts to prepare for survival.
And, not only to do so... but to also help others ...even after constant...
cruel harassment from ...in some cases... their own family and supposedly friends...
and the ...know it all... NAYSAYERS...

And, while waiting for possible contacts to come along or be made...
... in the mean time be researching various SURVIVAL TIPS and INFORMATION such as
For example: How to treat wounds... Keeping in mind... knowing how to help them self or
someone with the slightest of a scratch or wounds that instead COULD lead to death!

Or, how to, QUICKLY pack one or more bug out bags... Know pre-locations of tallest hills in the area.
And, more types of information that can lead towards being of help to them self and others ...
By PRIOR RESEARCH - knowing about these thing ...BEFORE... various emergency events.

Those who are going to start preparing for survival soon?
Are running dangerously DEADLY - LATE!

[link to www.TheVeiledProphet.com]
Prepubescent God

User ID: 827842
United States
02/03/2010 02:43 PM
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Re: 2012 Peparing Soon or DEADLY LATE?
Nothing bad is gana happen 2012, just a new age of goodness and pie.

Other than a few massive earthquakes and a few volcanoes goin off.