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Castro, Jesuits andTHE FIX -U.S. All On Same Vatican-led New World Order Team

Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/10/2010 06:13 PM
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Castro, Jesuits andTHE FIX -U.S. All On Same Vatican-led New World Order Team
Castro, Jesuits and U.S. All On Same Vatican-led New World Order Team

Castro, Jesuits and U.S. All On Same Vatican-led New World Order Team

Kennedy assassination sealed Cuba’s fate, reducing it poverty, tyranny and revolution

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Mar. 15 2009

The people of Cuba have been run over the coals just like people in every other country the Vatican-led New World Order sets its evil sights on.

Who would have thought the Jesuits controlled Fidel Castro?

But 40 years ago, who would have thought the Jesuits controlled U.S. foreign and domestic policy?

A recent poll taken in the U.S., based on obvious sentiment and apathy, showed 99.9 per cent of Americans could care less about Cuba, Castro and really who controlled their own country, saying they would accept a fascist dictator as long as the Super Bowl wasn’t interrupted by the upcoming World War III.

However, if anyone is interested how a real live Cuban citizen, not a video game replica, feels about Castro and the hidden agenda of the Jesuits, here is a recent letter received by author of Vatican Assassins, Eric Jon Phelps, from Brian Munoz of Cuba.

In the letter, Munoz reveals how the Cuban people have been hoodwinked, just like the American people, regarding how the Jesuit Order pulls the strings of all the major leaders of the world in order to foment wars and revolutions in their quest for a one world government and one world religion under a Luciferian doctrine.

Here is Munoz’s letter and Phelps response dated Mar. 3:

Mr. Phelps: I have been wanting to contact you for some time now. I think you may be the only person that can help me clear up some things about Castro, the Jesuits and JFK. Your input may help bring closure to a 50 year old bitter feeling from most Cubans towards John F Kennedy for pulling the plug in the Bay of Pigs Invasion at the last minute.

Cubans have always blamed JFK for our failure to overthrow Castro. After having seen your videos among others and getting a broader picture of the behind the scene things that have gone on in U.S. government, I am not so sure JFK was the culprit.

Also, I know that Castro studied in a Jesuit school as a young adult. I would not be surprised if he had help from the Illuminati or Jesuits.

We Cubans have always wondered why the U.S. gets involved in playing world police, taking down and putting up leaders, but Castro has remained the untouchable. No one wants to touch him with ten foot pole.

Mr. Munoz: Thank you for contacting me.

Your email brought tears to my eyes.

I will send you a cd-ebook of Vatican Assassins III if you will share the info with your Cuban brethren in South Florida. Until then I will tell you this:

Fidel Castro was trained by Jesuits for seven years. His Jesuit advisor and right hand was Jesuit Father Armando Llorente. Castro was groomed in New York City as I have a picture of him in Central Park before the revolution in a nice, three-piece suit. And why was he in New York City? He was there to take his orders in person from the Archbishop of New York, Francis Cardinal Spellman, later the mastermind behind the JFK assassination.

At this time in 1959 just prior to Castro being given Cuba, it had been decided that Cuba must be isolated from the American Empire, the Empire under the command of the Archbishop of New York and directed by the Jesuits at Fordham and Georgetown Universities. (Jesuit Georgetown University is the capital bringing its national and foreign policies into the White House West Wing. The Capitol buliding is not the capital.) Cuba was and is intended to be a staging base for the coming Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion of America. To make this possible, the pope’s international press must be given a reason to be shut out of Cuba via the justification of “communism.” Remember, communism was perfected by the Jesuits from 1609-1759 on their 59 communist reductions in Paraguay. Therefore, the Black Pope Pedro Arrupe gave the order to foment the Cuban revolution in 1959 using his CFR-controlled Press to paint Batista as a horrible, brutal tyrant thus enabling certain press lords like Ed Sullivan, a New York Roman Catholic Knight of Columbus, to back Castro. CIA director Allen Dulles, a Knight of Malta and Nazi-protector, backed Castro calling him “the Abraham Lincoln of Cuba” creating more sympathy in the hearts of the deceived and ignorant American people for “the liberator, Fidel Castro.” The CIA gave Castro guns and millions of dollars during and after the revolution knowing full well that he was a tool of the Jesuits—the very Jesuits who ruled the CIA via Knight of Malta Allen Dulles and later Knight of Malta John McCone who oversaw JFK’s assassination in 1963. The revolution would never have succeeded had not the Jesuit-ruled CFR-controlled US government backed Castro in every way possible—just as it had backed Jesuit-trained Joseph Stalin during Lend-Lease and after the world war giving the Soviets all of America’s high technology, be it aircraft or naval or electronic, while also giving the KGB supremacy over the CIA.

During the revolution, Castro’s headquarters was Havana’s Hilton Hotel, remembering that Knight of Malta Barron Hilton owned that hotel. Pope Paul VI, with his Black Pope Pedro Arrupe, was the power behind Castro for which reason we understand why Castro was openly backed by the CIA and openly opposed by the KGB before the revolution. (The USSR had been controlled by the Black Pope since the success of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1920, aided by President Warren Harding for the tune of $60 million worth of food and other supplies. Rome pretended to oppose Soviet Communism so as to deceive the anti-communist West while the intelligence agencies “on both sides” secretly worked together.) After the revolution, the KGB openly backed Castro while the CIA secretly backed him, yet both the CIA and KGB worked together during the entire Cold War, another hoax put upon the peoples of the West. To FURTHER ENTRENCH CASTRO IN POWER BY ELIMINATING TRUE CUBAN NATIONALISTIC PATRIOTS, the Bay of Pigs invasion was planned for 1961. President Eisenhower, Cardinal Spellman’s Knight of Malta and Crusader during WWII, had planned the FAILURE OF THE INVASION with his brother Knight of Malta Allen Dulles of the CIA.

At the time the invasion was to begin, President Kennedy gave his consent and permission for the operation to proceed the day before the attack. JFK was fully behind the plan to eliminate Jesuit and Freemason Fidel Castro because JFK refused to take his orders from the pope of Rome as he had declared at a meeting of Protestant and Baptist ministers in Houston, Texas, late in 1960. Thus, JFK did not cancel the air support. According to Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty in his book JFK, it was Skull and Bonesman McGeorge Bundy, JFK’s National Security Advisor, who canceled that air cover. Bundy even admitted it seventeen years later, as Prouty proves in his book. Kennedy was furious! He fired CIA Director Allen Dulles and CIA Deputy Director Charles Cabell as well as CIA Director for Plans Richard Bissell. JFK made plans for another invasion of Cuba: the date; December 1, 1963. This fact can be verified in the book Ultimate Sacrifice authored by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartman. To prevent that invasion, he was killed nine days before on November 22, 1963.

The assassination of Kennedy sealed Cuba’s fate. No longer would the pope’s CIA pretend to attempt to overthrow Castro. With his most dangerous enemies eliminated thanks to Bonesman Bundy and the KOMs Dulles’/McCone’s CIA, Castro could now proceed to kill every Cuban patriot and reduce that once prosperous and beautiful island to poverty, crime and tyranny. The CFR-controlled US government even gave Castro $60 million in food and medical supplies “in exchange” for Cubans captured and tortured after the failed invasion. This blessing to Castro further removed his enemies from Cuba while he received aid to benefit his Jesuit-ruled government. During the Cold War, Castro would secretly work with the CIA via Cuba’s DGI, both agencies being arms of Rome’s secret “Holy Office of the Inquisition.” All the military supplies necessary for arming arriving Chinese and Moslem invaders from Africa would be stored awaiting the day of invasion. Arms would secretly be brought into Guantanamo Naval Base for years by the US Navy under the protection of the CIA/NSA. Ultimately Gitmo, with its precious deep water port, would be given back to Cuba—which event is now in the making. Further, there is an underground tunnel from Cuba to Miami with a mag-lev, high-speed train that will be used to transport invading, front line troops into Florida to kill the second largest Jewish population in North America resident on “the Gold Coast.” Meanwhile, China’s huge shipping company, COSCO, will deploy its ships to transport Moslem and Chinese invaders into Miami for its invasion of the once White Protestant and Baptist Old South. The Russian Navy will escort the invasion from Venezuela now being put in place.

This is why Jesuit Castro was put in power. This is why thousands of your people risked shark-infested waters to escape Castro. This is why thousands of Cuban nationalists were tortured and murdered in Inquisitor Castro’s underground prisons. This is why Cuba will never be free. And JFK tried to stop this plan of the Black Pope for which he was adjudged “a tyrant and a usurper” and “extirpated” according to Jesuit-directed Canon Law. He was murdered by the CIA, the Secret Service, the Mafia, the FBI along with Army and Naval Intelligence—all working together.

I trust this helps Brian, although it is a most bitter and sorrowful story, for both my people and yours.
[link to www.arcticbeacon.com]