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Message Subject Do aliens search for God like humans do?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I have read many personal accounts of direct face to face contact with aliens and some people have asked the aliens about God. In one account the aliens said they don't know all that much about God. They didn't seem to be keen on discussing the matter at length, which is not unusual though as that is the case for many subjects.

For the gazillionth time, I will point out that "aliens" exist both in our 3rd dimension AND in the higher dimensions. 3D "face-to-face" aliens have the same basic problems 3D humans have -- they are in the 3D. It's a dimension that does not lend itself well to "understanding God."

Humans are at a special disadvantage because we have accepted Duality and the Veil, both of which have put a serious crimp in our understanding of our spirituality and connection to the God energy.

3D Aliens, while they may not have the Duality and Veil limitations, still exist in a dimension that supports negativity in it's lowest vibration.

The 4th dimension is a transitional dimension.

5th dimensional aliens, and higher, do not suffer from Duality and the Veil and the vibrations of that dimension, and higher, do not support negativity.

Because of this they have a better understanding of their relationship with God (the One). However, conversations with even the Ascended Masters indicate that when they talk to "God" they do not see "him/her" -- God is not a mean, nasty old man who lives in the clouds above Earth and melds out punishment or gifts as he sees fit.

My experience with the Beings of Light is that their spiritual philosophy is more like "A Course in Miracles" and Buddhism. I.e., "we" are immortal beings of energy that are using reincarnation in the lower dimensions to learn the lessons necessary to return to "God".

Ultimately we are all of the same God energy -- we are all part of the "One." While our life (dream) on Earth feels very real, ultimately it does not reflect who/what we really are. The "Hell" the Christian bible talks about is in reality our lives in 3D, and in essence, our Egos are the "devil" of the same tome.

Aussie, this was very well said. It might be very hard to understand unless you have had experiences, but there are realities beyond this physical one. The aliens exist in something like an in-between state, or maybe a better way to put it is that They exist in higher densities but can manifest in lower ones (ours).
 Quoting: Sickscent

Kinda like Al poppin out to give Sam Advice of who he is(Quantum Leap)
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