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10/25/2021Clappa: good job Trin :thumbs: :jay: [**]D CHEERS -DV
10/24/2021Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Much Love! ..11:11..
10/23/2021Video Chat Green, is a perfect addition to this insase asylum. Go GLP go!!! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
10/19/2021You rock thank you!
10/17/2021Lift the proxy ban
10/17/2021For the video chat, et al....Brit Perspective
10/16/2021Thanks for helping to get this account unlocked, only thing now is, I'm not allowed to upgrade it. - Please allow an upgrade - G3
10/15/2021ACs openly using your site to call for death of politicians. All for free speech but there are definite red lines and that is one of them.
10/15/2021Congrats on the taxes done!!! Will try the video chat one of these days, I am camera shy!!! Hugs!!! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
10/15/2021Hanging with u is good times. sry bout kicking u again
10/13/2021Thank You
10/12/2021Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/11/2021Life is F-king beautiful, so thanks [**]D CHEERS -DV
10/10/2021I been away for years, but remember you. Glad to see you here still!
10/9/2021Hey,,tell boaty to go fk its mother
10/7/2021If we wouldnt have you.. that would suck
10/6/2021Weareinaworldofshit, Ralph.
10/6/2021Fuck y Trin, work that video chit..
10/6/2021Cool Chat !!
10/6/2021Green again for all that you do, you save lives, God bless you - ThePassenger
10/6/2021Glp Live
10/6/2021Jesus blesses you, and may he always protect you.
10/5/2021Some good posts...bout time.:)
10/5/2021Well said about good security tips!
10/5/2021Good admin protecting security & freedom
10/5/2021Great Public Announcment
10/5/2021Green from this Littlepixie in appreciatioin fo your security tips for GLP thead. Thank you for this wonderful site, 10/10 brilliant.
10/5/2021Thanks for the security tips!
10/5/2021Some Good Security Tips For You On GLP....
10/5/2021Great advice
10/5/2021Thank you so much.
10/5/2021Thanks, you know why!!! Have a great week Boss!!! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
10/5/2021Not that you need more good Karma....
10/5/2021Thanks for Welcome - DoorBert
10/5/2021You deserve green :)
10/5/2021Thank you! ~A Oakley
10/4/2021Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/4/2021Almost everything right.
10/4/2021Smart move, Clouds can disapate
10/4/2021Dace wuzz heer
10/4/2021"don't worry we got this" - man you should be the President! That's what people need. Someone they can trust.
10/3/2021I miss you like the wuhan bats miss their previous anonymity
10/2/2021Thank you trin!!!
10/1/2021Because I know you speak the truth.
9/30/2021Your thoughts on the CIA/mask thread were so profound. Am.Indian Elder
9/29/2021Thank you
9/27/2021Sorry dude was waiting on a new card. back on track
9/27/2021Thank you! With Love~ Triteia
9/26/2021Your a Good man Charlie Brown Thx 4 the heads up!!
9/26/2021Awesome, I love this place and would not want to be with out it.
9/26/2021Sorry about the Roast! Ralph
9/26/2021Good to see you’re still around. GLP has always been the best. We’ve never needed it more. Stay frosty. salty1
9/26/2021Thanks for letting me in. Weird IP ban. Please return favor with a green karma. Thnx. Oh, it's Haitian Born
9/26/2021Thanks for the heads up
9/26/2021Good decision~ Very Interested
9/26/2021Re: In The Interest Of Full Disclosure....
9/26/2021Thank you for glp
9/26/2021Thanks for the pin! xo sseess
9/26/2021Thank you as always
9/26/2021Thanks we should start a crypto GLP language so they dont understand our talking . only glpers. strongman shelford. please instruct users what to do. this is a beacon of freedom
9/26/2021God bless you and all those you love - ThePassenger
9/26/2021Green for all that you do for this site. NOLAangel
9/26/2021Thanks for running this site, much appreciated! Best, LTHN.
9/26/2021Typical Coward. buzzcheese wins again huh
9/26/2021You and this site and members are the best
9/26/2021For All Of Your Hard Efforts Thank You! ~ Bad Pattern
9/26/2021Trinity rocks
9/26/2021Thanks for keeping this forum clean from spammers and fakers!
9/26/2021And the rare ones who have done it.... Need not listen to you anymore.
9/26/2021Thanks for heads up, Trinity. -Holymeerkat
9/26/2021Ty for the update! is there a way to reach you if this site goes down?
9/26/2021With all the bullshit you content with on this website, just wanted to say thanks
9/25/20211 for an all around good dude - Doing the best we can with what we've got to work with these days
9/25/2021Updated captcha settings :)
9/25/2021For your posts :) stay safe friend! eV3y
9/25/2021Really want to read what’s going on with volcano not peoples personal issues on this thread
9/25/2021Thank You!!
9/25/2021Hey Trinity! I still appreciate GLP and your input all these years later!!! <3 blend
9/25/2021Spot on. The guy is having a breakdown or some such and most of the posters just lap him up
9/25/2021An Album Cover not anal bum cover
9/25/2021Fucking rock and fucking roll
9/25/2021Lock it down again its time
9/23/2021Haha - z
9/22/2021I'd have to rewrite it in html5 and I can't be bothered with that either... - I agree - Anubis
9/22/2021Green of appreciation for all you do to keep GLP up and running!!! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
9/22/2021Good morning. pool
9/21/2021Kind and supportive, the one who started it all
9/21/2021New car sales are about 20% of their business.
9/21/2021Saw the same thing saturday
9/18/2021Dumbass, its an old article.
9/17/2021Thank you for responding - EPH
9/16/2021I don’t understand either! OZ
9/16/2021Where The Mind Goes, Energy Flows. Much Love! ..11:11..
9/14/2021Good morning. pool
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