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11/7/2020Keeping ir clean green for you
11/7/2020Thank You!
11/7/2020"this isn't the same thing as civil war ... know your enemy" - 5 stars, love it, thank you for all you do! ElleMira
11/7/2020For being a Leader and a PeaceKeeper ... Green ... beenthruthat ...
11/7/2020This is all written.
11/7/2020Peace be with you, Sir~
11/6/2020No idea what the 2nd Amendment stands for
11/6/2020Hate speech
11/6/2020Just because
11/6/2020Cowardly posts get thumbed down, don't like it? Cry me a river. They are stealing our republic right before our eyes. Now is the time to fight with arms, or surrender. You've obviously chose
11/6/2020Keep up the good work!
11/6/2020I don't give you enough green...the old timer
11/6/2020The thread opener for "You're not unwelcome.." I love having an Admin that wants good discourse from all sides. Thank you for not censoring GLP.
11/6/2020I agree
11/6/2020Green from this Littlepixie to say thank you for locking GLP down, even if it is temporary. I love this site and would hate for it to disappear.
11/6/2020I'm glad you lockd it down...yes, way to many shills. Osti
11/6/2020Ty for message about being open to all opinions. we needed that!
11/6/2020Thank you for comment about all sides welcome.
11/6/2020I agree. Yet... sometimes there are more than 2 sides to a story... sometimes many many sides... confusing world we live in for sure.
11/6/2020I just signed up and this is my first karma. I appreciate what you do and this message.
11/5/2020Fair point
11/5/2020Thank You Trinity, It's nice to have someone claim tell us that we are all Valid, GLP used to be my favorite website to check for any number of reasons but over the last few years it's gotte
11/5/2020So agree
11/5/2020This is my first post on GLP, I’ve been here for a while and watch all of the back and forth. It get’s frustrating at times to see everyone who are regulars tryi
11/5/2020Green, for sensible decisions. well done, trinity. S.E.
11/5/2020YOu da man
11/5/2020Good logic
11/5/2020Thank you
11/5/2020Not crazy about the lockdown, but I get why it's necessary.
11/5/2020Right on _RENDER
11/5/2020Pandering already to democrats, barf
11/5/2020For wisdom in the post
11/5/2020Well said.
11/5/2020Nice response
11/5/2020You've always been a good Admin/Rep for GLP. Interesting times we live in.
11/5/2020Quality stuff
11/5/2020Thanks trin
11/5/2020Good post
11/5/2020Great Post! Much Needed.
11/5/2020Thank you! jj johns
11/5/2020You betray humanity.
11/4/2020Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/4/2020Glad to hear
11/4/2020Sharing messages with warning tags (its misleading)
11/4/202010-4 sounds reasonable
11/4/2020Good forum, but tighter moderation needed
11/4/2020For flipping the flags
11/4/2020Great idea
11/4/2020Yes, please lock the site down before the shill invasion
11/4/2020Thank You
11/4/2020Sad truth
11/4/2020To many shills imo
11/4/2020Excellent Decision!
11/4/2020Protecting the Family!
11/4/2020Scary stuff
11/4/2020Because its TRUE
11/4/2020Absolutely fraud
11/4/2020Please do that Trinity.. for many days...KAN DAEK
11/4/202010000% Agree
11/4/2020Best ring leader!
11/4/2020Good move
11/4/2020Good move!
11/4/2020Good idea and thanks
11/4/2020Good move
11/4/2020Lock it down! election green from eekers
11/4/2020Idiot posting about libtards
11/4/2020Buckle Up Bitches!
11/3/2020If your posts about Biden winning are an effort to get more Trump voters to vote, then thank you.
11/3/2020Thank you for GLP! <3
11/3/2020Pwning these n00bs - JimmyBones
11/3/2020He is correct
11/2/2020Lol Hold you. lol
11/2/2020Thanks for all you do Trin
11/2/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
11/2/2020You are a good man and thank you for this site brother!
11/2/2020Hands steady on the helm boss! Rough Week ahead! we love you Trinity! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
11/1/2020I like how you think outside the box - Am Ind Elder
11/1/2020Maybe 1\3rd of the country, but not half
11/1/2020Ya don't need green but you deserve it anyhow. XO Lance
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