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8/18/2020At least the boss is smart. GilmourBlues
8/18/2020You are the man.
8/18/2020Green from this Littlepixie in support of your thread "you guys cannot buy into this violent rhetoric thread. Well said. Please know that I really do appreciate your site.
8/18/2020Be Cause ~ Bodhi
8/16/2020Thanks for keeping the site running boss! Hugs! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
8/16/2020Green for your posts from Goneviral
8/15/2020Good morning. :)
8/10/2020Supports the use of slave labor in China.
8/10/2020Slave made shit aint cheap enough for him
8/10/2020On your Tarriff thread just now.. KAN DAEK
8/10/2020Keep sucking Bidens dick you pretty good at it
8/10/2020Why are you so anti-trump
8/10/2020Stop being such a crybaby and walk it off.
8/10/2020There a lot of Rs disappointed in Trump. They just can't say anything HERE
8/10/2020I like you but damn...
8/10/2020You be honest now
8/10/2020This shit again? refill your Zoloft brother.
8/9/2020Always asking interesting questions! Respect! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
8/9/2020Pelousy does need to fuck off, straight to prison
8/7/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
8/7/2020Interesting thread on the Trump quit poll (Kung Flu Master)
8/6/2020Good to see you out on the board!
8/6/2020Why do you guys say it's fake? Just because it doesn't fit the official narrative? What makes it look fake to you?
8/4/2020And the rare ones who have done it.... Need not listen to you anymore.
8/3/2020Good to see ya kickin, Billy Ringo
8/2/2020What are you an agent of the ccp?
8/2/2020Thank you for all Mr Trinity, God bless you
8/2/2020Good data on chemicals.
8/2/2020Have a good week! ~ ItsMaKa2
8/2/2020You're a true American!
8/1/2020People confounds China with the CCP, good to know you know the huge difference, Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
8/1/2020Have a great weekend !
7/31/2020Glad you didn't die. love Mistress C
7/29/2020Green Kamra to help with the rest of 2020... w/love Elfsong
7/29/2020Just a little sunshine. :)
7/29/2020Thanks for doing what you can to keep us going
7/29/2020For standing up to them :) re nastly letter to hosting company
7/29/2020Writer highlights important liberties being eroded by narrow, ill-considered and illogical viewpoints.
7/29/2020Sites like yours are wait makes the difference. Keep up the good work :-)
7/29/2020I can't imagine all the bullshit you have to deal with - EnD BLM & AntifA
7/28/2020User is a weenie
7/28/2020Ok I see your point
7/28/2020Hit the nail on the head.
7/27/2020Thanks for everything Trinity. ~ Starbird
7/26/2020CCP shill
7/26/2020I hope the chicoms round you up FIRST, dipshit
7/24/2020Green for the boss, and thanks for all the fun! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
7/22/2020No one cares about your opinion. Most of them are wrong anyway
7/20/2020You are still safer in the USA.
7/20/2020Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
7/18/2020Fuck yeah, Adytum.
7/18/2020Thanks. Needed to be said.
7/18/2020Great thread about republic-sot
7/18/2020Republic over mob rule
7/17/2020Finally dawning on you?
7/17/2020Yea for you on REPUBLIC
7/16/2020Good job! - 4Wheelin' Redneck
7/16/2020In April before I was "randomly" perma banned I said check warehouse numbers. Nobody cared. Get back to work they said. Well here I am with nothing to sell the hoaxtards. I am now paid to p
7/15/2020A Big Thank You for keeping this place up and running. GLP Rocks! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
7/13/2020Because you assholes banned me for no reason so now im here to be a dick. fuck all admins
7/11/2020Hope yer makin it and bakin it bro c);-)--....o...0...O [**]D CHEERS -DV
7/8/2020God Bless you, Trin. Hope you had a peaceful 4th of July with your loved ones. ~ Cartel
7/7/2020Hail to the Chief! :D Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
7/6/2020Fauci, is that you?
6/29/2020Kudos to the big boss! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
6/28/2020As somone said: "What happened to this place --it was a great way to get great data now it's a political circus . so disappointed."
6/28/2020Found a webarchive with a screenshot of the scope donation thought you might want to know, PM me for the deets.
6/28/2020For super pinning a leftist narrative and ignoring all of the unprovoked black on white crime.
6/28/2020Race baiter
6/27/2020Thank god you have common sense - re Covid - andy capp
6/27/2020Stop with the covid panic
6/27/2020False claim
6/27/2020Agenda 2030, .... Trinity, .... SNAP-Out of it! This is not You! -- Lupes Tacos
6/26/2020Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
6/24/2020Genius! Adytum
6/24/2020Casting pearls before swine.
6/22/2020Don't know as if I've ever green'd you before? Green for thee!-widge
6/21/2020Trinity: I've been here since '03 - I'm sorry to say but you have lost control of GLP - If the thread is not pro-Trump in some way or anti-Covid then it will be bashed to Hell - It'
6/20/2020Green for the boss from Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
6/19/2020Thanks for the comment! WyatteSmith
6/16/2020"It's a culture of violence." True..
6/15/2020Good info
6/15/2020Yes, we need to chill with the racist crap.
6/15/2020Yes. Thank you. I feel this is important.
6/15/2020Fake news
6/15/2020For the call to chill out with all the racist crap
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