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7/8/2012T'anks a million for the opportunities... Imajicatus
7/4/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/4/2012Great forums :)
7/4/2012Scientology research--it's EVIL! Bluebird
7/3/2012Happy Independence Day! - RoXY
7/3/2012Roflmao @ chartreuse 33
7/3/2012Thanks for the Comment!
7/3/2012For knowing it's hot out. Stay cool the best you can.
7/2/2012NASA/sun debacle-LOL D'Light
7/2/2012Thank you!
7/2/2012Gave me control of the GLP solar observatory, thanks! =]
7/2/2012Because Trinity is an important asset to GLP
7/2/2012Glp Observatory!!!! Rooooooooocks! Iwtb76
7/2/2012Have a good day!!-Starry eyes
7/1/2012A gift from meletos
6/28/2012Thx for sharing that info
6/27/2012For the lulz- rickster58
6/26/2012Stand up for what's right, always ~ Borat
6/25/2012You need some red
6/24/2012Popcorn moment
6/23/2012For understanding that Latino doesn't equal ignorant immigrant. - Martianprincess
6/23/2012Thank you!
6/23/2012Thanks 4 GLP
6/23/2012"I still believe the only way we will understand each other as a species is through honest open communication" g1 - gn
6/23/2012Please hand in your resignation.
6/23/2012Always on the mark - Zombie FR
6/22/2012Just spreding the love...
6/22/2012To parade your sexual perversion and mental illness around the white house, our public air waves, our public school systems, corrupting the minds of our children is unspeakable -Anubis
6/22/2012Thanks man, Brief :)
6/20/2012Solstice Love!~Luna
6/20/2012ROLF @ the embedding video comment.
6/20/2012Karma bump ~~CF~~
6/19/2012Karma Karma Karma.... thanks boss!
6/18/2012I love you for you
6/15/2012Good person! EleKtroN
6/15/2012Hi! Earth420 :)
6/13/2012I hope you trap those coons! haha -From Is It Possible?
6/13/2012Trinity, this coon video is the best, Desert Fox. Been in Navarre for a week, leaving tonight, too much rain for me this time.
6/13/2012LMAO... that was a big coon from yaright
6/13/2012Watermelon vid---Bluebird
6/9/2012Loves Khitteys. Pool
6/7/2012Merci was here to say, Love your signature line.
6/5/2012Very cool, thanks!
6/4/2012Righteous Observatory!!!!
6/4/20125 observatory ftw
6/3/2012For keeping GLP alive & kicking - RoXY
6/1/2012Cuz this place kicks ass! Thanx! ~ Redneck Zombie
6/1/2012Hi! Earth420 :)
6/1/2012For GLP-- ClappaGuy
5/31/2012Green for the boss :))) - subzero86
5/30/2012Because you are you :)
5/27/2012FART was Here.
5/26/2012For the service provided. Thank you.
5/26/2012Ka-Tet Gunslinger. Phase
5/26/2012That was just awesome post
5/25/2012Love and support to our Greek brothers. NYC
5/25/2012Thanks for the +1 Back up, I'd hate to See GLP'ers with good intentions get into trouble --- DRAGOON
5/24/2012Hi! Earth420 :)
5/22/2012Damn straight, we need a change, back!
5/22/2012You rock man. : )
5/22/2012Vote the racists out of office!!!
5/22/20124 your Hate Crimes thread... Goo~
5/22/2012Because he's the Boss! The observatory down there ain't cheap either, and neither is the Bossâ¦!!!
5/21/2012For your Vegas-Facebook thread - RoXY
5/21/2012Shit goin down in Chicago. Frangas
5/20/2012More green
5/18/2012Thanks for everything Trinity! 2342
5/17/2012Because I don't want to kiss your ass! I may like you though.
5/17/2012Good thread-Marketselloff
5/17/2012GLP roX -LG
5/16/2012Love from Greece.
5/16/2012Hello! Earth420:)
5/14/2012Love That Big Ol' Telescope
5/14/2012Free karma from Mr.MohZart
5/9/2012Excellent Thread on mankind & technology, thanks.
5/8/2012For keeping us posted on the awesome astronomy project- it's appreciated. - starrynytes.
5/7/2012For following through on the Observatory project.
5/7/2012Great work on the Automated Scopes!!
5/7/2012Being a good host.
5/7/2012Thank you for you time on this form and the scope. God1337
5/7/2012Thanks for pin - DoorBert
5/4/2012Thanks for GLP~From Mortal Epiphany
5/3/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here.
5/1/2012Cool app
4/30/2012Beta observatory worth my ten bucks a month! Regards AmJedi! :)
4/30/2012Great job on the telescope!!! Love it!
4/30/2012DEeP sPaCe!
4/30/2012Good post trinity
4/30/2012Like the scope
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